Diet Starts Tomorrow: Girl Scout Cookie Coffee Creamer Realness


The Girl Scouts of America have teamed up with Nestle Coffee-mate ("coffee's perfect mate!") to produce a cookie creamer concoction deep from the depths of delicious hell. "Cookie season", a time when Girl Scout across the United States haunt our Target parking lots, our Piggly Wiggly entrance ways, and the major thoroughfares of America's cities, … [Read more...]

Yunnan: Coffee Crisis As Nescafe Bid Hits Five Year Low


Kang Xiaxiao of the Morning Whistle reports that "Nestle provided a purchase price of 17.9 yuan per kilo for coffee beans produced in Yunnan over the 2012 to 2013 purchasing season on Nov. 20, which is the lowest bid in the past five years." That's about $1.30 a pound, which according to Xiaxiao, "is very close to the break-even point for coffee … [Read more...]