BREAKING: NERBC Re-Scheduled Dates Announced


Breaking news late this Friday as the SCAA has announced confirmed dates and times for the 2013 Northeast Regional Barista Competition. The event was supposed to go down last November, but that event was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. Your new NERBC dates are February 20th - 22nd, to be hosted at the Attic Studios in Long Island City (11-05 … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review For 11/3/2012


Presented by Joanna Han, our trusty intern, whose ability to file in time for Saturday morning is truly unparalleled. Halloween & Hurricanes: Hurricane Sandy had a big impact on the east coast this week, but the worst is definitely over, and we've been heartened to watch how folks across the region have come together to support each other … [Read more...]

New York City: Post-Sandy Coffee Crawl To Benefit Cafes


Our friend and occasional contributor Erin Meister (@TheNervousCook) is organizing a big ol' coffee crawl in NYC to benefit coffee bars in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Part hands-on community economic stimulus, part "holy shit I can't believe that just happened", this crawl will be a loosely communal way for coffee enthusiasts and professionals to … [Read more...]

NERBC Canceled Due To Hurricane Sandy


Superstorm Sandy and its impact up and down the Eastern seaboard has halted the North East Regional Barista Competition, which had been scheduled to take place over the weekend in Atlantic City. The Bally's Casino remains boarded up as clean-up crews and rescue workers work through the day to help folks stranded, displaced, and looking for … [Read more...]

Sandy In Queens: The Dallis Bros. Coffee Storm Surge Flickr Set


That nasty old Hurricane Sandy, she's queening out in Queens, where our friends at Dallis Bros. Coffee are based. They've got some Flickr photos of the storm surge realness, like this doozy of Josip Drazenovich, Training and Development Manager for Dallis Bros, still practicing away for the maybe-still-happening NERBC: Meanwhile the street … [Read more...]

DC: Peregrine Prevails After Sandy’s Surge, Huge Lines

The ONC via Politico

The Metro may be closed in DC, but that's not stopping droves of java seekers from finding their buzz at Peregrine Espresso. According to Peregrine's Twitter feed, both MidCity and Eastern Market locations will stay open until 9PM tonight. Petula Dvorak of the Washington Post reports: Baristas carpooled, bicycled and walked to work to help … [Read more...]

Hurricane Sandy and the NERBC: An Update From Dallis Bros.


This just arrived in our inbox, and we're passing it along to you folks who are prepping for this weekend's impending Northeast Regional Barista Competition, which is scheduled to be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The email comes us to from John Moore, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Dallis Bros. Coffee, whose sponsorship anchors this year's … [Read more...]

Storm Watch: Hurricane Sandy Shuts Down East Coast


Folks on the East Coast are in full-on bunker mode as Hurricane Sandy comes barreling down. Restaurants and cafes are closing while cities up and down the coastline have been evacuated. Public transportation in NYC, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Boston have been shut down. Coffee shipments across the coast have been delayed, with the USPS and … [Read more...]