Coffee: A Love So Sweet, It Don’t Need No Su...

Coffee: A Love So Sweet, It Don’t Need No Sugar

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! For all of you in brewmances* out there, here’s some proof that sharing a nice cuppa in the morning could mean good things for you and your boo-boo. (*”Brewmance” – a romance between two people who both work in coffee. Phrase is credited to Bonnie Michelman.)

A recent survey said having morning coffee with your significant other is the best way to have a healthy relationship.

The morning treat even beat flowers, going out to dinner and buying jewelry.

The little gesture may even be one of the first signs that love is in the air for new couples staying for “morning after” coffee is a sign the relationship is getting serious.

Oh, snap. Other signs your relationship may be getting serious: the Valentine’s Day episode of “Glee” reminds you of them, even though you otherwise completely hate that show. Read the full article here from the ABC Baltimore, but you don’t actually have to because we already excerpted the whole thing.

Here’s wishing you a Valentine’s Day sweeter than the sweetest notes, notes, notes.


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