Chris Tacy’s GodShot: “Cogito Hipster Ergo Sum”


A must-read for your Thursday post-humpday blues, this firebrand blog post from noted former coffee guy Chris Tacy casts its animadversion on that most beleagured of modern memes: the hipster. Do you hate them? Do you love them? Are you amongst their ranks? Also, are they ruining coffee? Take it away, Mr. Tacy: There were a few years (before … [Read more...]

Are The Real World Producers Misleading Portland Cafes?


Hot tip out of Portland, where MTV's Real World franchise is currently filming six shitty people living together in a fancy Pearl District loft (see above). According to anonymous hot tipper Barista X, he was approached while working bar in his cafe by a woman (we'll call her Helen Hunty) who asked if she could film him pouring latte … [Read more...]