Western Brewers Champs, Star Baristas & More On SprudgeLive


It's coffee competition season here in the United States, and that means that Sprudge is out on the road, bringing you comprehensive coverage of every Regional Barista Competitions and the United States Barista Championships, all in the lead up to the 2015 World Barista Championship in Seattle, WA. We're also bringing you coverage from some of the … [Read more...]

The Wonders of Service at Koko Coffee & Design Amsterdam

Amsterdam Misc-9951

The lessons you learn in the service industry never really leave you. In a previous life, before my time working with Sprudge, I was taught that you should rearrange the existing dishes to make as much space as possible when you deliver new dishes. Think of it like taking the utmost care of an aged relative, who might not be able to reach so well. … [Read more...]

Mugs And Kisses: Roseline Coffee At XOXO, Portland’s Alternative Tech Festival

roseline XOXOuntitled shoot-IMG_1514

When it comes to events that draw interesting, creative people together, having an appropriately interesting, creative coffee service is increasingly de rigueur. Whether that's global thinkers drinking coffee from a veritable army of top baristas at TED, or food and beverage luminaries sampling the pinnacles of Nordic coffee curation at MAD … [Read more...]

Welp La Colombe Just Raised 28.5 Million Dollars In Venture Capital


The Philadelphia Inquirer quietly announced Monday that Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti, the co-owners and co-founders of La Colombe Torrefaction, had recently received a round of funding valued at 28.5 million dollars. "We picked up an additional class of shareholders," Carmichael told the Inquirer modestly, but he told Sprudge.com's Alex Bernson … [Read more...]

Artist Craig Damrauer’s Meditative Coffee Routine, Captured At Re:Form

moka pot reform

Medium is a publishing platform/community/experiment that is increasingly becoming home to one of just about everything. One of those things is How the Coffee is Made, a slow, deliberate meditation on the simple joys and iconic design of the Italian Moka pot, by artist and writer Craig Damrauer. This content is hosted under re:form, a new design … [Read more...]

6 European Coffee Destinations With Killer Design


Emesen in Warsaw From Great Coffee In Poland, Part 2: The Marvelous Cafes Of Warsaw [Tweet "Great Coffee In Poland, Part 2: The Marvelous Cafes Of Warsaw #SprudgeDesign http://sprudge.com/great-coffee-in-poland-part-2-the-marvelous-cafes-of-warsaw.html"] Café Marlette in Paris From A Guide To Good Coffee In Montmartre [Tweet "A Guide To … [Read more...]

We’re Engaged! Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Week At Fast Company

The masthead at Fast Company this week.

Hold on to your butts! It's Coffee Week at Fast Company, the executive-business-design-innovation-lifestyle network of publications. They're leading things off with a multitude of Monday morning curated coffee content--eight articles so far from seven different writers!--including two tent-pole articles: "The Multimillion Dollar Quest To Brew The … [Read more...]

New Study Suggests Baristas Are At A Significant Risk For Injury


According to a study recent study from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, the intensely repetitive work of making coffee can cause serious lower back and shoulder problems. This may not be news to you if you’ve ever worked a bar shift, or read our three-part study of barista health concerns, but the new study in the journal … [Read more...]

The Ecuador Interviews: 2014 World Barista Champion Hidenori Izaki

hidenori izaki cafe imports ecuador-1373

Last June, Hidenori Izaki became the first Japanese competitor to win the World Barista Championship (read about his victory here in Japanese). Sprudge.com Assistant Editor Alex Bernson recently sat down with Mr. Izaki in Ecuador for his first major English-language interview since winning the WBC. This interview happened as part of a Cafe … [Read more...]

The Ecuador Interviews: 2014 United Barista Champion Laila Ghambari

lailah ghambari cafe imports ecuador-1404

In April of this year, Laila Ghambari became the 2014 United States Barista Champion. This victory was no fluke, as Sprudge.com Assistant Editor Alex Bernson learned during the course of his interview with Ms. Ghambari--she's been competing since 2009, and making coffee from the age of 17 at Cherry Street Coffee, her father's chain of cafes in … [Read more...]

The Ecuador Interviews: Charles Babinski of G&B Coffee

Ecuador CI Day Two-IMG_1109

Charles Babinski is the co-owner of two cafes in the Los Angeles area, G&B Coffee and Go Get Em Tiger. First for Intelligentsia Coffee, and now for his own company, Mr. Babinski has distinguished himself as one of the most important and influential American barista competitors of the last half-decade, with national top 6 placements in 2010 … [Read more...]

The Ecuador Interviews: Barista Champion Josh Wismans of Colectivo Coffee

Andy Reiland / Cafe Imports

Josh Wismans is a working barista at Colectivo Coffee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and winner of the 2014 North Central Region in the United States Barista Championship circuit. His victory earned him a spot on a Cafe Imports origin trip to Ecuador, a prize given to US regional and national winners and the World Barista Champion. Sprudge Assistant … [Read more...]

The Ecuador Interviews: Barista Champion J. Park Brannen of Counter Culture Coffee

park brannenn cafe imports ecuador-0874

The coffee pride of Georgia turned atypical New Yorker, in 2014 J. Park Brannen of Counter Culture Coffee mustered a barista championship victory during the United States regionals, earning himself a spot on a Cafe Imports origin trip to Ecuador. Sprudge.com Assistant Editor Alex Bernson interviewed Mr. Brannen about life, competition, and coffee … [Read more...]

The Ecuador Interviews: Barista Champion Camila Ramos of Panther Coffee

camila ramos cafe imports ecuador-0601

A fan favorite and nationally renowned competitor, Camila Ramos has watched her career as a coffee professional blossom alongside success at the United States Barista Championship. 2014 marked her first regional win, which Ramos then parlayed into her first-ever USBC finals appearance. Sprudge.com Assistant Editor Alex Bernson sat down with Ms. … [Read more...]

The Ecuador Interviews: Barista Champion Tyler Rovenstine of Quay Coffee

Tyler Rovenstein cafe imports ecuador-1202

Quiet, humble, and effortlessly bright, regional champion barista and proud Kansas City resident Tyler Rovenstine opens up to Sprudge Assistant Editor Alex Bernson in a candid question and answer session. This interview was conducted as part of a Cafe Imports origin trip to Ecuador, a prize given to US regional and national winners and the World … [Read more...]

European Baristas Form Guild, Plan Greek Holiday

Barista Guild Europe WBC Aaron Wood Matt Perger Pingpong-9176

The fledgling Barista Guild of Europe (BGE) made their first public appearance with a communal ping pong table and a booth announcing Europe's first Barista Camp, setup right outside the main stage of the 2014 World Barista Championships in Rimini, Italy. With their first Barista Camp near Athens, Greece, the BGE plan to gauge interest in the … [Read more...]