Second Annual Java Jog Happens Friday, Raising Cash For Women In The Congo


The second-annual Java Jog For A Cause is taking place this Friday, April 25th during the SCAA Event in Seattle. This event is a 5k/10k run/walk to raise funds for women coffee farmers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Java Jog was found at last year's SCAA Event in Boston by Kimberly Easson, Beth Ann Caspersen and Aimee Russillo, and last year … [Read more...]

Coffee Chic: Runway-Ready Leather & Jute Fashion By Dutch Designer Jose Mollura


In a small atelier in Amsterdam, José Mollura handcrafts custom bags that combine rich Patagonian leather with up-cycled green coffee jute. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Mollura's journey in coffee began when he was backpacking through South American coffee plantations after graduation, sparking a love of coffee that led him to his current … [Read more...]

Nuova Simonelli’s New Espresso Gear Coming To NYC, KCMO, Oakland, and Seattle


The Nuova Simonelli Mythos One Clima Pro grinder and Victoria Arduino 388 Black Eagle espresso machine launched at HOST last October in Milan. After a busy launch event at the London Coffee Festival, these cutting edge coffee machines are finally starting to land in the US, starting Tuesday, April 22nd with an event at the Counter Culture Coffee … [Read more...]

You Should Read This Wall Street Journal Feature On The Rising Demand For Good Coffee

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 11.36.24 AM

On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal posted a story titled "Ritzier Coffee Brews Contract Conflicts"-- this feature is well worth a read. Going beyond traditional narratives in coffee market stories, Leslie Josephs looks not just at supply-side issues contributing to rising coffee prices, but also at the effects that evolving consumer demands are … [Read more...]

Blue Bottle Coffee Buys Handsome and Tonx

handsome coffee julie

Oakland-based Blue Bottle Coffee, fresh off a $25.75 million dollar venture capital funding infusion, is acquiring Los Angeles coffee roastery and cafe Handsome Coffee Roasters as well as LA-based Tonx, an innovative subscription-only coffee roaster. This move marks a major new chapter in the company's expansion plans, which include a recently … [Read more...]

Springtime for Link-ler, Week of April 6th

Sprudge Spring Elixir

Spring is in the air (cherry blossoms!!!!) and that means it's coffee event season--excellently captured by Ben Blake's newest doodle. was all over the place this week, with Jordan and Zachary visiting Montreal for Barista Nation and then jetting to London to cover the UK Barista Championships and London Coffee Festival. I am in NYC, … [Read more...]

A Beautiful, Interactive Look At Your Coffee’s Journey From Seed to Cup

nowsourcing bizbrain coffee seeds

Understanding how coffee goes from a cherry on a tree to a brown bean to your morning cup can be a challenge--the international coffee supply chain is a complex trade network, and there are many steps that must be taken to turn the bean of this seasonal fruit into a consumable product. Luckily NowSourcing, a digital marketing company in Louisville, … [Read more...]

First Look: Gwyneth Paltrow Launches Goop Coffee

gwenyth can now report that actress/lifestyle brand Goop (née Gwyneth Paltrow) is launching Goop Coffee, billed as a "balancing, reverent everyday luxury experience" with an innovative "cup to seed" trade model. Goop reached out directly to Sprudge, sending us a lovingly detailed 3AM email full of beautiful, intimate looks at the Goop Coffee … [Read more...]

Geisha Coffee Nanolot From The World’s Highest Coffee Farm? Intelligentsia, You Fancy


Intelligentsia Coffee has just released the second entry in their Exotic Coffee Collection series, this time offering a Geisha and a Typica variety from Bolivia's Café Takesi, a small 38 hectare farm that claims to be the world's highest coffee farm, at an elevation of 1,900 to 2,500 meters above sea level. We were lucky enough to snag an advance … [Read more...]

Links On Links On Links March 30th

via Food and Wine

Ben Blake spent some time at the Counter Culture Coffee training center in Durham this week, and came away inspired to make the above doodle. It was an exciting, and by and large inspiring week at the Sprudge forest redoubt in Portland as well, despite the crazy sunshowers.  Sprudge editor Zachary Carlsen introduced me to Jaymes Young recently, … [Read more...]

The Breville’s In The Details: Edible Manhattan’s Coffee Summit April 7th

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 12.28.04 PM

Edible Manhattan, a magazine and website devoted to the New York food and beverage scene, has partnered with the folks at Australian high-end kitchen-appliance maker Breville to put on the Edible Coffee Summit Monday, April 7th. The all day educational event aims to give a look at the current coffee zeitgeist, with an extensive roster of … [Read more...]

Weekend Bits and Pieces, Week of March 22nd

draw coffee

We’re having fun here playing with the weekend links format, while continuing to present original art by Ben Blake of Draw Coffee fame. This week the coffee internet was a little slow moving, and some people were rather disgruntled. Some with good reason, some less so. We compiled the detritus, ran it through our own disgruntle-ionizing snark … [Read more...]

Cafe Design: Graffiti In Los Angeles Is Very Los Angeles


Graffiti Cafe in Los Angeles' trendy Mid City/La Brea district opened in July 2012, with much fanfare. They currently serve Lamill Coffee, alongside a selection of juices and pastries (including fonuts). Reviews are decidedly mixed, but the airy and monochromatic space is truly out of this world. Graffiti stands out with a … [Read more...]

The Tech World Is Fueled By Good Coffee. Here’s Why.

mike young digg cropped thumb

I’d always known there was a heavy overlap between quality coffee and other worlds of geekery—from surfing coffee message boards to serving highly engaged guests in Seattle and NYC, geeks of all stripes were a constant presence. But it wasn’t until last year, when I was sitting in the offices of Betaworks, a hybrid startup incubator and seed … [Read more...]

The Awl Goes Deep With 2014′s First Must-Read Coffee Think Piece


Perhaps the biggest trend happening in coffee right now has nothing to do with making coffee at all. We're in the middle of an  explosion of mainstream media interest in the rising tide of higher-end, quality-focused cafes serving coffee to gentrifying neighborhoods all over the country. From best-of lists to fervored financial analysis to new menu … [Read more...]

Coffee Collective Cuts The Cheese (With Coffee)


Cheese and red wine is about as classic a combination as it gets, but Klaus Thomsen, 2006 World Barista Champion and founder of The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen says that he's never found it to be a pairing that works that well. He's a much bigger fan of pairing coffee and cheese--so much so that he is partnering with Danish dairy Arla to make a … [Read more...]