Follow The United States Barista Championship This Weekend

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The 2015 US coffee competition cycle is coming to an end this weekend at the 2015 United States Coffee Championships taking place right now in Long Beach, California. To find out more, you should head over to SprudgeLive, our dedicated portal for all things coffee competition, and of course follow along live all weekend at @SprudgeLive on Twitter. Our coverage of […]

The Flat White: Explained


The flat white. A storied, semi-mythical beverage that has been the object of hushed adulation and media hot takes for years. It’s a combination of milk and espresso that originated from somewhere Antipodean, and has been happily consumed in Australia and New Zealand without (too much) fuss for quite awhile now. Predicting the flat white’s moment in North America has become something of a […]

Poll: Aussies & Kiwis, What Does A Flat White Mean To You?


I have a terrible imperialist American confession to make: when training new baristas in NYC, I often instructed them that “if someone orders a drink name you don’t recognize, like Gibraltar, Cortado, SG-120, or flat white, what they really want is two shots of espresso, lightly steamed milk and about 5.5oz total drink volume.” Because […]

The 2015 Aeropress Competitions Are Coming, And Their Posters Look Sick

korean aeropress

Another year, another World Aeropress Championships season. My how time flies! It seems like only yesterday we were watching some of the world’s best pressers of Aeros brewing coffee on the beach at last year’s World Championships in Rimini, Italy. But with this year’s World Barista Championships in Seattle approaching, it is once again time for […]

Terroir At 20,000 Feet: Barista Champ Brews On Dane Plane


Scandinavia has the highest levels of coffee consumption in the world, and has also fielded far more World Barista Champions than any other region. Third wave Scandinavian coffee is highly esteemed abroad, but there is still work to be done proselytizing the fancy coffee message to a wide audience of Scandinavians raised on endless cups of low […]

Barista Healthcare: How Do Your Favorite Coffee Companies Stack Up?


After raising $45 million in its latest round of funding, Blue Bottle Coffee is now extending healthcare benefits to its employees’ dependents, and plans to offer retirement benefits as well. When I read that in this piece on Valleywag, it struck me as a positive attempt by Blue Bottle to stand out from the pack, since in our 2013 survey on barista health, we found […]

Holiday Coffee Wish List: The Blue Bottle Moka Pot

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The trusty Moka Pot is a storied piece of coffee equipment that is an integral part of many people’s morning coffee rituals. The iconic Bialetti version is a design classic in its own right, which over the years has been reinterpreted in many beautiful and sometimes frivolous ways. Adding to that rich heritage is a new collaboration between Blue Bottle Coffee […]

Third Wave Wichteln: The Return Of The Global Christmas Coffee Gift Exchange

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No matter how much you look around, trying to find a few more days in November, rummaging under all the seat-cushions and end-of year emails, the simple fact remains: the holidays are almost upon us. If you live in the United States, you’re probably already dreaming of turkey-infused naps, and have hopefully made all your important Thanksgiving […]

It’s Time For The 2015 Big Eastern Coffee Competions


The 2015 US regional coffee competitions cycle is coming to and in this weekend with the 2015 Big Easterns in Durham, North Carolina. To find out more, you should head over to SprudgeLive, our new dedicated portal for all things coffee competition, and of course follow along live all weekend at @SprudgeLive on Twitter. Our coverage of the […]

WBC Equipment Sponsors: Nuova Simonelli, Mahlkönig, Cafetto


Breaking today is the news that World Coffee Events (WCE), producers of the World Barista Championship and other international coffee events, have announced what equipment will be used on-stage at the 2015-2017 WBCs. Nuova Simonelli and Mahlkönig return as equipment sponsors with the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle espresso machine and the K30 Vario Air, K30 Twin, […]

MANE: Building The Next Generation Of Coffee Pros In Rhode Island

MANE 2014-IMG_1544

The 2014 MANE (Mid Atlantic North East Regional) Coffee Conference took place this past weekend in Providence, RI. This was the 8th MANE conference, and the second one I attended, and even in the two short years since my first MANE experience, the event has grown substantially, furthering its commitment to bringing accessible, high quality coffee […]

Kalle Freese Launches Fashionable Web Education Platform “”

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We at Sprudge are fans of Kalle Freese, from his 2013 Finnish Barista Championship win, his recent work with the newly formed Barista Guild of Europe, and from the highly fashionable Freese Coffee, the coffee company he opened in 2013 on Helsinki’s Freesenkatu. We’ve featured Freese Coffee a number of times before on Sprudge, and now we’re excited […]

The 2015 Big Central Coffee Competitions Are Here!

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My how time flies. We’re already up to our second 2015 US regional coffee competition, and it’s still only 2014! The hits just keep coming, and this year that’s all happening over on our shiny new SprudgeLive portal, and of course at @SprudgeLive on Twitter, where we will be documenting the 2015 Big Central Coffee […]

Scott Rao Wants To Teach You How To Roast Coffee

Scott Rao

Scott Rao has done many things in his coffee life, from founding Rao’s Coffee and Esselon Coffee Roasting Co. in Massachusetts, to authoring seminal books like The Professional Barista’s Handbook, to consulting with coffee businesses across the globe. When it was published in 2008, The Professional Barista’s Handbook was hailed as one of the first attempts to create a systemized tome […]

A New Study Examines Gender Representation In Coffee

2015 Big Western Selina Pena Cognoscenti Coffee  057

If you are female-identified and work in coffee, you should take this survey right now. It’s from Sabine Parrish, who is working on a Master’s thesis at Oxford on the subject of how gender is constructed and performed in U.S. specialty coffee. Specifically, Parrish is looking at how the “ideal barista” is represented in the highly masculinized […]

Bullet Train to Beantown: Ogawa Expands From Japan To Boston

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Japan has always had a deep and deliberate coffee culture, and in recent years the modern specialty end of the market has heavily expanded, with both high quality Japanese roasters and a veritable cavalcade of international coffee brands expanding into Tokyo. Now, Matt Viser in the Boston Globe reports that Japan’s coffee influence is going truly global, […]