European Baristas Form Guild, Plan Greek Holiday

Barista Guild Europe WBC Aaron Wood Matt Perger Pingpong-9176

The fledgling Barista Guild of Europe (BGE) made their first public appearance with a communal ping pong table and a booth announcing Europe's first Barista Camp, setup right outside the main stage of the 2014 World Barista Championships in Rimini, Italy. With their first Barista Camp near Athens, Greece, the BGE plan to gauge interest in the … [Read more...]

World Aeropress Championship 2014: Recipes & Photos From The Battle On The Beach

World Aeropress Championships Rimini-8909

The 2014 World Aeropress Championship went down last week in Rimini, Italy, during the global coffee hubbub of the World Barista Championship. The event happened at the Turquoise Beach Club, with the warm sand and flowing drinks lending an appropriately festive air to the culminating event of a raucous, freewheeling year of national Aeropress … [Read more...]

This Cold Brew Coffee Has Weed In It And It Will Get You High

Legal Weed Coldbrew

If you live in the United States and/or smoke the reefer, you're probably aware that in the last election cycle, Washington state and Colorado legalized recreational marijuana usage and sale. If you've ever worked in a US coffee shop or attended a US coffee industry party, you're probably also aware that marijuana enjoys a strong affinity with … [Read more...]

3 Coffee Podcasts That Will Wake You Up In The Morning And Keep You Up All Night


We are living in a golden age of coffee information. Everywhere you turn these days, there is serious, interesting thinking about coffee happening, and best of all, a lot of it is finding its way out into the public. Sure, some people may bemoan the decline of forum-warrior style exchanges of old, but with things like this year's SCAA Symposium … [Read more...]

Top 3 Recipes From The Australian Aeropress Championship

Australian Aeropress Championship-6568

The Australian Aeropress Championships went down on Friday, May 16th in Melbourne, at Filter, the new CBD cafe opened by the Small Batch Roasting Co. team. The event, overseen by Patricia's Coffee Brewers' Tim Varney, the Global Competitive Pressing of Aeros Ombudsman himself, was packed to the gills with eager coffee people, many of whom were in … [Read more...]

When It Comes To The Moccamaster, These Colors Don’t Run (In 110v)


Technivorm is the fifty-year old Dutch company behind the Moccamaster line of premium drip coffee makers, which have long been regarded by coffee types as a high-quality option for batch brewed coffee at home or in the cafe, thanks to their consistently high and even water temperature. It's not just their technical prowess winning them fans, … [Read more...]

World Aeropress Championships June 9th In Rimini

world aeropress rimini cropp

It's finally time! The 2014 World Aeropress Championship is here! In a little over three weeks, the world coffee community will descend on Rimini, Italy for the World Barista Championship, World Brewers Cup, and to kick it all off with a party, the World Aeropress Championship. This year's event (the seventh annual!) features an esteemed judging … [Read more...]

Try The Revolutionary New BKON Brewer With Kilogram Tea In NYC, Chicago & LA

bkon promo 700400

We've heard heaps of residual buzz over the last few weeks about the Bkon craft brewer, a potentially revolutionary new machine that we profiled at SCAA. Folks are understandably stoked about the machine's vacuum infusion technology--it's since been covered by a surprisingly wide gamut of outlets, from The Verge, to Engadget, The Daily Mail and … [Read more...]

Top Recipes From The Japanese AeroPress Championship

Image via Kaffikaze

As you may or may not know, competitive AeroPressing is becoming quite the thing, with a network of national competitions leading up to a World AeroPress Championship. These competitions have emerged as a more free-wheeling alternative to other coffee competitions, with competitors using the flexible AeroPress in all sorts of novel ways. We've … [Read more...]

Gussied Up & Ready To Go: The Coolest Coffee Machines of SCAA


The show and competition floors at the 2014 Specialty Coffee Association of America show overflowed with all sorts of crazy coffee making equipment. From the analog Dragon "manual pourover syphon" Todd Carmichael competed with in the US Brewers Cup, to the groundbreaking BKON tea and coffee brewer being demoed on the show floor, to the many sexy … [Read more...]

Can We Have This Hario Copper Pourover Set In Our Lives Now Please?

brass hario v60 and buono

Hario, makers of the iconic V60 filter-cone and Buono pouring kettle, were teasing this gorgeous pourover set last weekend in Seattle at the 2014 Specialty Coffee Association of America trade show. As I did a lighting jog of the floor, trying to take in the monster amount of new kit at the venue, this rosy-hued metallic glory called like a … [Read more...]

Wood Panels, Powder Coats & Candy Colors: The La Marzocco Home Espresso Machines Of SCAA


From the moment it launched in 2006, coffee geeks have been lusting after the La Marzocco GS/3. This single-group espresso machine manages to pack the technical abilities of a full-sized La Marzocco GB5 professional espresso machine into a much more kitchen-counter friendly footprint. The machines have seen wide use in professional coffee catering … [Read more...]

Enter The Dragon: Todd Carmichael’s New Coffee Brewer Is Outrageous (And Just Might Work)


Todd Carmichael, founder of La Colombe Coffee and host of the Travel Channel show Dangerous Grounds, competed in the 2014 US Brewers Cup championships this weekend in Seattle. He did so as the Northeast Regional Brewers Cup champion, which is notable enough, but Carmichael is not one to merely, meekly meet expectations. Instead he used his time on … [Read more...]

BKON: Bringing The Potential of Sous-Vide To Beverage Extraction


Everywhere you turn these days in the coffee world, you hear the word "extraction" on people's lips. Extraction is a daily reality for baristas, and yet also a much imagined and puzzled over goal, being hotly debated and feverishly chased in myriad ways. The VST/MojoToGo extraction measuring tool is everywhere, novel brewing approaches are being … [Read more...]

WCE All-Stars: A Global Coffee Kiki At The USBC Finals


Here on Finals Sunday of the 2014 US Barista Championship and US Brewers Cup, World Coffee Events and our friends and partners at Nuova Simonelli are putting on their fun new WCE Allstars friendly competition, where some of your favorite Coffee Champions of years past compete "back to back in a series of challenges, including trivia, pop quiz, and … [Read more...]

“Bring Me Your Mugs” — A Collaboration From St. Vincent and Intelligentsia Coffee

st vincent top

Annie Clark, the multi-talented breakout singer-songwriter known as St. Vincent, is also a big coffee aficionado. Her latest album, the eponymous St. Vincent is out today via Republic Records. Music fans in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City can swing by any Intelligentsia Coffee location today and pick up a vinyl copy, alongside a special … [Read more...]