Greggory Hullzenblogger: I Wants To Works For Wend...

Greggory Hullzenblogger: I Wants To Works For Wendelboes!

(And now, a word from Greggory Hüllzenbløgger, Norwegian Coffee Articulate and Deputy Editor of the Scandinavian desk.)

Bjørn Børg! Greggørys heres, writing with hearts øn sleeves, annøuncings my great excitements at upcømings jøbs øf empløyments – the Tim Wendelbøes is looks for new baristas! Looks for youselfs!

We are on the look out for someone to join the team at Tim Wendelboe. Essentially we are looking for a Barista to work in a flexible part time basis. Experience in coffee or food is preferred. You must be able to offer welcoming, professional service, have a sincere interest in coffee, have an eye for detail and be willing to learn and develop.

Lets me be the hümbles tø applies for this and many øther pøsitions with the Tims. You mights thinks, “Greggørys, yøu are the føøls! Yøu can’t works for the Tims!” But then I says, makes with the kisses on my lingonberries, you no thinks I can portafoofs, Greggorys is the accomplished. Løøks at my accømplishedments:

That is resume! In names of fairs, here’s the pøsts and links from the Tims sø yøus tøøs can make with the applies. Best lucks, øf courses, buts nøt süch best lucks as to beats the Greggørys, yøu ünderstands!


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