Build Outs Of Summer: Blueprint Coffee Roasters, St. Louis


  Our roving Build Outs of Summer series continues cannot and will not stop. So far we've featured two brand new and very exciting brand expansions; a proper brew bar and lab set up for the folks at Beansmith Coffee in Omaha, Nebraska, and a big city third location in San Francisco for Coffee Bar. Today we've set our sights on an … [Read more...]

St. Louis: Mike Marquard & Friends To Open Blueprint Coffee Roasters


Breaking via Ian Froeb for the Riverfront Times in St. Louis, there's a new specialty coffee roaster coming to the Delmar Loop: Blueprint Coffee, a roaster / retailer collaboration between Mike Marquard (Half & Half, pictured above winning the 2012 South Central Brewers Cup.) and a gang of Kaldi's Coffee longtimers, including roaster Andrew … [Read more...]

St. Louis: Hold The Cream! Half & Half’s New Full Service Cuppings


We keep a little running list of cafes around the world we're dying to visit, and towards the top of that list is Half & Half in St. Louis, Missouri. It's a lovely looking farm-to-table restaurant with a very serious multiroaster coffee program, run by 2012 South Central Brewers Cup champ Mike Marquard. Their menu is pretty unique; cupping … [Read more...]