College Nerds Invent Zero-Gravity Outer Space Coff...

College Nerds Invent Zero-Gravity Outer Space Coffee Cup



Them kids gone done it again! Some egghead math wizards at Portland State University have invented a zero gravity coffee cup – and it’s testing quite well with all variety of ‘nauts, both Astro- and Cosmo. Local news affiliate KGW has the scoop:

“The low-g cup exploits an interior corner, which combined with favorable wetting, lets surface tension replace the role of gravity so you can kind of drink normally,” said PSU mechanical engineering professor Mark Weislogel. “It’s pretty simple. Works well for champagne too.

Pettit has tested the product in space. NASA will be using the cup during future space explorations.

Students at PSU’s Maseeh School of Engineering recently completed a 40-day, non-stop series of experiments with ISS crews on fluid systems of spacecraft.

Sounds like this new cup is the perfect match for NASA’s recently improved space coffee apparatus, also invented by college nerds. Like Matt Drudge before us, is obsessed with space, and we will continue to doggedly dedicated ourselves to reportage on, and dialogue around, the development of coffee culture in the cosmos. Our coffee systems must keep pace with humanity’s unquenchable thirst to explore infinity.

But what does Cat On A Keyboard In Space think?





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