Young Barista – All Grown Up: We Have A Bit ...

Young Barista – All Grown Up: We Have A Bit Of A Chat With Callum Hale Thomson


Mr. Callum Hale Thomson, better known throughout the coffee industry as “Young Baristaturns 18 next January – and will compete again in next year’s 2014 UK Barista Competition, only this time for keeps. We caught up with the youngest competing barista in the world to find out what he’s been up to these last two years and to find out what’s next.

Where are you currently taking residence as a young barista?

At the moment, a place in Stoke Newington, Fred and Fran. Nice, regular one day a week shift. But also dealing with school and exams.

Fred and Fran sounds nice – but we’re not so fond of exams. Those are the worst! Are you still the youngest barista in the entire UK?

I think (hope) so. I’ll compete again next year. I’ll be 18 and allowed to do it properly.

Where does the time go?

I know! Feels like I was 15 only a few months ago.


When you’re finished with compulsory school what do you plan on doing after graduating?

Gap year I think, maybe in Germany. Then uni.

What are you going to study in Uni?

English and German literature.

Will you barista in Germany during that great big gap?

Hopefully! Might do a short stint at The Barn in July this year.


Eee! We love The Barn! Well best of luck on your endeavors, Callum. We’ll catch up with you soon.

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