What’s All This Then? Blokes Prefer Anonymit...

What’s All This Then? Blokes Prefer Anonymity At UK Starbucks

You know that thing, when you go into a Starbucks, and they call out your embarrassing drink order “for Josh!” or “for Megan!” or whatever? Turns out that’s anathema to the stodgy Brits, who’d rather that all things had their place, and would sooner disrupt the natural coffee shop order of class and grace than they would steal marmalade from the Queen herself.

Customers are not pleased with a new UK Starbucks policy requiring a name be attached to each individual drink, as is common in the colonies. Columnist Jane Bradley quips, “This Americanized – and personalized – method of customer service is not something which is traditionally well received in Britain, where shoppers generally prefer a more anonymous experience.” How dreadful!

The obvious conundrum is too delightful not to point out. Ordering a fudge chunk Frappuccino with extra whip, or a Caramel latte delight? Totally fine. But hearing that these drinks have been prepared “for Rodney!” or “for James!” – how terribly ghastly. 




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