Some Weekend Links With Your Draw Coffee

Some Weekend Links With Your Draw Coffee

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We’re going to be trying something a little different this weekend here at Sprudge. Instead of our usual recap of the past week of stories on Sprudge, we’re gonna turn the lens outwards and talk about what we saw going on in the wider world of coffee news,  what were some of the things that were running across our desks but not quite making it to the site, and some random tidbits of knowledge we happily stumbled upon.

This week’s linkage was collated by Alex Bernson, with original art by Ben Blake.

As a wave of snowstorms hit first the Northeast and then the Northwest, the coffee news week had a series of fits and starts, with lulls of relatively little (serious) coffee news punctuated by the occasional “hotting up” with things like the big mainstream news interest in Blue Bottle Coffee’s $25 million round of funding, or the $1.2 Billion 10% stake of Green Mountain Coffee (neé Green Mountain Keurig) that Coca Cola Company bought itself to compete in the projected-to-be-fast-growing instant cold (carbonated?) beverage sector–for all those times that twisting the cap on a bottle of Coke is just too much work?

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but speaking of behemoth companies and carbonation, Starbucks has apparently been trialing in-store à la minute carbonation of beverages? Officially it is a test program for their creatively named “Fizzio” line of soda and tea concoctions, but on the DL you can carbonate coffee beverages too, as long as they’re not espresso or frappucino based. Sounds delightful–I love me some bubbles with coffee and/or next to coffee, and coffee soda has a long, proud tradition, from Bibicaffé and Manhattan Special to the “nitro” coldbrew craze. What I really want to know is what sort of heavy duty carbonator system they are using.

Chemex seems to be making gorgeous glass mugs in the iconic chemex shape. Have they been doing this for ever? Why don’t I already have 6? has an incredible selection of vintage and historical toasting contraptions of all sorts for sale/oggling. Truly, the rabbit-hole goes deep.

The tech & business press really did get themselves quite worked up over the Blue Bottle funding round–to the tune of around 25 articles. The original story came from re/code, a suitably tech-y place for the situation, and it quickly spread all over, spawning takes that ranged from the nuanced demographic analyses  (Tech Gurus Think Hipster Coffee Is The Next Big Thing, Apparently — HuffPo, Blue Bottle gets $26M to hook more Americans on fancy hipster coffee — VentureBeat) to the relatively insightful (Why high-flying tech investors are putting their money in a coffee shop — Quartz, filed under “It’s a Thing”), to the rather blunt (Is Blue Bottle a ‘dumb’ investment? — CNN Money).

Business Insider got so hype on the subject that they did not one but two different #viral titled extravaganzas: “Why People Are Obsessed With Blue Bottle, The Coffee Company That Just Raised $25 Million” and “We Tried The Red-Hot Coffee Place That Just Raised $25 Million From Tech Investors“.

Did you know that most of the 2013 SCAA symposium talks are available free to watch online? Including Aaron Davis’ awesome talk on coffee genetics and evolution–watch for some crazy pictures of coffeea species that have adapted to spread via water at 3:20, and the world’s largest species of coffee bean at 3:50, complete with wrinkly brain-like structure.

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Everyone from Buzzfeed to Grubstreet to Policymic to Complex to Gizmodo to Co.Design shared this New York City Coffee subway map. A cute idea to be sure, and it hits some good places, but ummm, a lot of the below-the-park BDFM line choices are highly questionable, and the entire 4,5,6 line is wrong–really, no Joe, maybe the first actually good coffee to come to the UES? And out of the like 20 places that serve coffee at Grand Central (some quite good!), you chose the oldest-school dark roast purveyor that doesn’t actually serve cups of coffee at that location?

Oh yeah, also:

Seahawks latte art


marshawn lynch superbowl safety dance

Dancing Marshawn Lynch via Bleacher Report.

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