[Video] The Inaugural Flatlander’s Barista C...

[Video] The Inaugural Flatlander’s Barista Cup

Ooh, girl. Here’s some awesome video recap goodness from the recent Flatlander’s Barista Cup, which went down in Topeka, Kansas and was held by the folks at PT’s Coffee Roasting. This video focuses on the Saturday Night Live Throwdown portion of Flatlander’s, and features some explanation from PT’s owner Jeff Taylor, as well as interviews with 2011 WBC champ Alejandro Mendez, 2012 Canadian Barista Champ Jeremy Ho, and 2011 USBC Champ Pete Licata.

The Saturday Night Live Throwdown was held on Saturday, October 27th 2012 at PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. as an event in the inaugural Flatlanders Barista Cup. The competition bracket winner was Nate Murphy of The Coffee Ethic in Springfield, MO. 2011 World Barista Champion Alejandro Mendez took the pot from the open competition. Congratulations to all of our competitors!

The Flatlanders Barista Cup brought together producers, seasoned barista champions, and coffee enthusiasts together for a weekend of tours, lectures, food trucks, and spirited competition.

“Sergio Ticas of Finca Los Planes discusses the effect of climate and weather on harvest and yield.” (PT’s Coffee via Facebook)

“The 2nd great presentation of the day. Lucia Ortiz of Finca Las Mercedes educates attendees about the family farm and the growing process.” (PT’s Coffee via Facebook)

“Jeremy Ho and Alejandro Mendez” (PT’s Coffee via Facebook)

Totes wish we’d been there, but we’re still super proud to have sponsored this event. Next year we’ll cover it live!




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