From a mega-pool of nearly 50 competitors, here’s your USBC 2011 semi-finalists heading into the weekend. They join the 6 regional champions in semi-final competition starting tomorrow morning at 9am Central. In no particular order, and with a hearty congratulations to all of this year’s competitors, your USBC semi-finalists are…

Trevor Corlett (Madcap)

Ryan Willbur (Stumptown)

Jared Truby (Verve)

Park Brannen (Grumpy)

Ian Levine (Verve)

Lorenzo Perkins (Cafe Medici)

Tyler Stevens (Barista)

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Kevin Bohlin (Ritual)

Laila Ghambari (Stumptown)

Devin Chapman (Coava)

Nikolas Krankl (Gelato Bar & Espresso Cafe)

Row Aczon (Honolulu Coffee Co)

Chandler Rentz (Batdorf & Bronson)

Scott Lucey (Alterra)

Jeremy Sterner (Peregrine)

Jacque Desmarais (Coffee Ethic)

Robbie Britt (Espresso Parts)

Nicole Call (Kaldi’s)

Sarah Dooley (Espresso Parts)

David Delchamps (1000 Faces)


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