Dinner (And Decaf!) At Feast Portland: Earlier this fall, Sprudge.com co-founder Jordan Michelman was invited to covere the Stumptown Coffee event at Bon Appetit’s Feast Portland. In the latest essay in the new Sprudge Confidential series, Mr. Michelman recaps a private dinner event featuring a Stumptown Coffee pour over bar that took place that night at the Allison Inn & Spa. It’s a wonderfully written account of his adventures in fancy foods and wealthy wine-loving old couples, complete with charming cartoons drawn by our very own Zachery Carlsen. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the story with a cup of coffee if you haven’t already read it.

Reading Rainboe: We’d be surprised if you haven’t read the latest Tim Wendelblog post by now, considering it’s been retweeted more times this week than the words “fiscal cliff” have been dropped on NPR. Following up on Part I of his “Coffee Is Cheap” post, the noted Nordic roaster expresses his frustration with the complaint that his coffee is too expensive (starting at roughly 22 USD per 12 ounces, it certainly isn’t cheap). Mr. Wendelboe goes on to explain the pricing structure of coffee, then breaks down one of his own recent green coffee purchases. Deeming fair/direct trade label solutions “lazy,” Wendelboe pushes the transparent model, which he believes is the best way for consumers to be more aware of what they’re paying for. What do you think? Is this transparency model the future of coffee? (That is, if there even is a future of coffee?)

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Back On The Road With CCC: Counter Culture Coffee’s Fermentation & Fruit Bombs tour is back, and Sprudge co-founder Zachery Carlsen was on the road with the CCC crew all week. The first stop was Asheville, North Carolina, aka Ashvegas, and highlights include cupping a rare natural coffee from Burundi, drinking beer specially brewed for this event by Green Man Brewery, Katie Carguilo’s USBC signature drink, and raffle prizes galore. Watch for Atlanta and Chicago coverage soon! In the meantime, catch up on coverage from the Part I.

Sprudge Reader Survey: How can Sprudge be even better than it is now, if that’s even possible? Take our very first annual Sprudge Reader Survey and let us know your thoughts!

Joanna Han recaps our week in coffee on Sprudge.com. Follow her on Twitter @joannakareninaInstagram, and check out her blog Joanna Karenina on Blogspot

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