Tyler, Chris and Mike Phillips Do Handsome Coffee ...

Tyler, Chris and Mike Phillips Do Handsome Coffee Roasters

We reported last week about three Intelligentsia hunks turning in their resignation letters. But why? NYT’s Oliver Strand revealed yesterday that they’re opening their own roaster in LA: Handsome Coffee Roasters. So we showed up uninvited to their house, rummaged through their cabinets (we were hungry) and sat down on the couch with Tyler Wells, Chris Owens and Mike Phillips, busy gents who were kind enough to share their time with

Mike Phillips [on the left]: Uhh, so, uhh… what are you doing here?

Chris Owens [on the right]: Yeah, heh heh, like, uhh… we were about to eat nachos.

Sprudge: Thanks for chatting with us again, guys. We read about the good news the other day on Twitter. Handsome Coffee Roasters! Congratulations! Where’s Tyler?

Tyler: Here I am!

Sprudge: Oh, there you are! Is that a Winger shirt? Winger rules. Hey so, let’s talk about Handsome, boys.

Mike: Sit down Tyler, you dumbass.

Chris: Yeah sit down, Tyler, before we kick your ass.

Tyler: Thanks, guys!

Mike: Uhh, hey, Chris, I need to talk to you in the kitchen.

Chris: Um, okay. Heh heh.

Sprudge: Wait, wait, we have some questions for you…

Tyler: Hey, Sprudge! I’m still here! I can talk to you about Handsome Coffee Roasters.

Sprudge: Hey, Tyler Wells. So, Handsome Coffee Roasters! Sounds great! That’s a totally great name, and it sounds to us like the LA roasting scene just got a little hotter!

Tyler: Yeah! Totally!

Mike: Operator, get me Oliver Strand.

Chris: Heh heh heh.

Mike: Oliver? Yeah, it’s Phillips. Sprudge came over. They’re like, in our living room right now, talking to Tyler.

Chris: Yeah! Yeah! Tell Oliver to come over and kick their ass.

Oliver [on the line]: Just tell them to link to my Tumblr and be friends with Barista Magazine on Facebook, or something.

Chris: Yeah. Hey Mike, let’s make Tyler take the new van out and get us more nachos at the Maxi-Mart.

Mike: Uhhh, where’s Sprudge?

Tyler: They left. Something about “hunks” or something. They said they were busy all of a sudden.

Chris: Oh, well good.  Go get us some more nachos, Tyler.

Mike: Yeah Tyler, go get us some more nachos.

Tyler: Okay, guys!

Tyler: I’ll be right back!

Mike: Those Sprudge guys are a bunch of buttmunches.

Chris: Heh heh, you said “Sprudge”.

Mike: Yeah. That was cool.



  1. Hiver

    19 May

    wow. this is hilarious!

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