Transcend and MadCap In A Video Round-Up

Transcend and MadCap In A Video Round-Up

Ask, and we shall receive: a flood of excellent, interesting, and downright gorgeous marketing videos have been streaming into Sprudge HQ over the last few days, ever since we called for submissions and announced a brand-new Sprudgie Awards category for Best Film. Here’s our two favorites from this latest batch – excellent short marketing films submitted by the folks at Transcend Coffee and MadCap. Expect more awesome videos, and keep sending us submissions! Email yours to – and make sure to include info about the video companies you’re hiring out to do this work, we want to know more about them, too.


First, the gang at Transcend Coffee in Edmonton, Alberta are offering the above charming feature, put together by the production team Rob and Lauren. Watch as their coffee dances a sprightly tarantella through the many stages of production, from tearing open the jute bag, to their Apollo 13-lookin’ landing capsule roaster, to the cupping table, and finally, a charming macchiato at the final destination cafe. It’s a great video, and those coffees they’re roasting, cupping and bagging aren’t bad either. Transcend are truly one of North America’s roasters to watch in 2012.

We were also contacted by the folks at MadCap Coffee in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who passed along the above Hario V60 video. The ever-charming (Ed note: a hyphen is used to modify the adjective in this usage, as in “ever-lovely,” or “ever-preachy”) Ryan Knapp is your host, and though you might be saying, groan, “ANOTHER V60 video?”, go ahead and give this one a watch; there’s a sparse aesthetic and educational vibe going here, and the results are perhaps a cut above your average V60 diatribe (especially nice to see Ryan offer a visual comparison of his grind). This video was produced for MadCap by the folks at Hybrid Media – maybe you want to hire them to make YOUR coffee marketing video? Check them out here.

Send us more! We love it! Who knows, maybe you’ll take home the coveted Sprudgie Award for Best Film? Look for our Sprudgie Awards announcement ceremony in the coming weeks.





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