Tonxious Gas: Nick Griffith Joins

Tonxious Gas: Nick Griffith Joins

Long considered short on opinions, Tony Konecny has added Nick Griffith to the team over at, in an effort to finally add some conjecture and supposition to his operation. Like Mr. Konecny, Mr. Griffith is ex-Intelli, having more recently collaborated with Toby’s Estate to set up their Williamsburg odeon of espresso, Tim Tams, and OkCupid ‘dates’.  He also used to write this blog, Pure Arabica, which like so many of the 2007-2009 era coffee blogs, now functions as a kind of time capsule retro look back at what once was.

You can read all about the union of Tonx and Nick in this first crack of a featurette over at Food GPS:

Konecny and Griffith first met in 2006, when the former helped recruit the latter to work for Intelligentsia as they were starting a Glassell Park roastery and Silver Lake coffeehouse. Six years later, Konecny said, “We’ve wanted to put together the best team, and I think Nick has one of the best palates that I’ve ever encountered in coffee, and he’s no bullshit, and those two things don’t always go together.”

“There is a hunger out there for good coffee, and it’s very confusing to come into the marketplace or show up at a high-end coffee shop, if you’re someone who makes coffee at home, to know where to start. There are so many different brewing gizmos and so many different coffees and brands out there. There are not a lot of people helping you to separate shit from shinola…You’re at this coffee bar, and baristas dress up really nice, and they wax their moustache, all of a sudden coffee’s guaranteed to taste good. It means it’s going to cost a lot more, but it doesn’t guarantee it’s going to taste better.”




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