This Week On Sprudge News Catch Up: Juicy & B...

This Week On Sprudge News Catch Up: Juicy & Balanced

There are so many coffee news stories, and between the daily grind and those wild party nights, who can stand to read them all? Thankfully, is contractually obligated to keep you up-to-date with all of the news of the day, even the stories that might have initially fallen off our editorial radar.

Let’s catch up on all we’ve been missing.

No Tea, No Shade: The big drama news of the month comes to us from the tea world, where Starbucks has agreed to buy Teavana for a cool $620 million. But there’s more? According to this article, “Independent laboratory tests show that Teavana’s teas contain pesticides in amounts that exceed U.S. and EU regulatory limits.” Ruh-roh:

We placed 80 phone calls to Teavana retail stores in 19 states and to its toll free customer support line. We called as a customer inquiring about the quality of Teavana’s tea. In 98% of the phone calls we placed, Teavana’s salespersons declared without qualification that the Company’s teas were pesticide free.

Can this shocking bombshell spell an untimely end to the Starbucks acquisition? We asked our Magic 8-Ball, and she answered, “Ooh, girl.

Weed: Amsterdam tourists (and coffee shop owners) rejoice! The Hague has halted legislation that’d make the infamous cannabis selling coffee shops in the Netherlands “Dutch Only”. The Puffington Post has more:

Amsterdam welcomed Tuesday changes in the national government’s drug policies as a green light to let tourists keep rolling in to the city’s 220 world famous cafes that sell cannabis, marijuana and pre-rolled joints alongside cups of coffee.

On Monday night, Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten sent a letter to Parliament announcing he was scrapping a nationwide roll-out of the so-called “weed pass” that was designed to keep non-Dutch residents out of coffee shops.

Particularly stoked about this news (if they’ve woken up yet) are the folks over at Spro and Dro.

Green Mountain’s Groovy Man: Coca-Cola Co executive Brian Kelley has been appointed CEO of Green Mountain Coffee, after an eight month long LinkedIn search for the perfect replacement for retiring CEO Lawrence Blanford. Blanford, who came aboard in 1997, was the leader of the a team of Green Mountain politburo members who rocketed that company into the K-Cup cosmos, making the company billions in the process. More from Reuters by way of the Chicago Tribune:

Kelley, 51, has been the chief product supply officer for Coca Cola Refreshments (CCR) — the unit that represents most of the company’s North American business — since October 2010, and was slated to take over as president of the unit next January.

In an internal memo sent by CCR CEO Steve Cahillane to management on Monday, Glen Walter was named president.

John Sicher, editor of Beverage Digest, said while Kelley was a talented executive whose departure is a loss for Coke, Walter would be a strong replacement.

“Coke won’t miss a beat,” Sicher said.

Green Mountain will pay Kelley an annual base salary of $900,000 and a signing bonus of $600,000, the company said in a regulatory filing. Under his employment agreement, Kelley is also eligible to earn annual cash bonus with a target of 100 percent of his annual base salary.


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