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Finca To Filter in Atlanta, Georgia celebrates Pride all summer long. Their Pride Menu features coffee and tea-forward signature beverages. This week we’re focusing on their Tropical Fog, a playful combination of Piña Colada and London Fog.

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Finca To Filter is “proud to be queer, woman entrepreneurs in the coffee and hospitality sector but we’re most inspired to set the highest standard for community-driven, sustainable, and thoughtful business.” Community-driven, sustainable, and thoughtful business? Yes, please!

We spoke with the folks at Finca To Filter to find out more.

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Tell us about your signature drink!

If you know anything about Atlanta summers, you know about humidity, heat, and more heat. When thinking about the Pride Menu, we wanted to craft an iced sweet tea with this deeply southern climate in mind.

That was when the Tropical Fog precipitated out of thin air (well, foggy air). What would occur if the Piña Colada and the London Fog collided into one? A force so strong, it would get weeks of air time on the Weather Channel, my Aunt Leslie’s favorite morning television show. This powerful drink has quenched the thirst of many Atlantans this summer.

The tangerine white tea, carrying tropical notes of passionfruit and pineapple, swirls together with homemade orange-basil syrup. A cool breeze rolls in with a splash of Oatly. And as the pièce de résistance, a maraschino cherry tops off the drink to send you torpedoing into vacation dad mode. Bloom not gloom, baby!

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Who crafted your signature drink?

Lisa (or Leet) Grady, the Manager of Quality, Standards, and Fun crafted this drink. As part of their role at Finca, they build and design drinks. Every season, they release a curated menu of speciality drinks, and in true queer style, there is always a theme! This season it was Summer Pride; next season it will be Forager Fall. Leet loves a theme and always commits to the vision. They also believe that coffee can stand to be a little less serious and a little more fun, while still maintaining its quality.

What unique ingredients does it contain?

The base is Rishi‘s Tangerine White Iced Tea, with subtle notes of passionfruit and pineapple, homemade Orange Basil Syrup, a splash of Oatly, and a maraschino cherry as a garnish.

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Is your signature drink served in a particular vessel? How did you make this choice?

It is served in notNeutral pink 16 oz. glassware. Pink because its our owner Kayla’s favorite color. And c’mon, the creamy off-white hue of the Tropical Fog looks too Pretty in Pink.

Where is it available?

You can find us at Finca to Filter West End (located inside Wild Heaven), at the Finca Camper (a colorful camper at the intersection of Bonnie Brae and Allene Ave), and very soon, at Finca Adair Park (located inside Create ATL). Our latest build-out at Create ATL is opening this month in August.

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How much is it?

$5 for here, $5.25 to-go (to incentivize plastic reduction in our supply chain)

How long will it be on the menu?

All Summer Long! We celebrate pride all-year round here, but we are excited to roll out our Forager Fall menu soon. Though, I will give you a sneak peak of what is to come: a Sorrel Spice Latte, our own spin on the infamous PSL. – Leet

Anything else you’d like to share about the drink?

The Tropical Fog is a part of our Summer Pride Menu. As a queer-owned and queer-run coffee shop, we wanted to showcase our year-long pride in this menu drop. Launching in June, we started off Pride Month with a fittingly colorful array of drinks.

To name another specialty drink: our Lavender Menace latte pays homage to reclaimed queer favorite, Lavender Menace. During the Second Wave of Feminism, Betty Friedan first coined the term as a disparaging ploy to exclude lesbians from the feminist movement. Friedan, a leader with huge sway and power, wrongfully accused lesbians as a threat to the success of the movement. Instead of giving in to Friedan’s fear-mongering tactics, lesbians proudly took back Lavender Menace as their own. Wearing the now-iconic stencil lettering (Lavender Menace) on their t-shirts, they pushed forward for their own rights and freedoms. Another one of our pride drinks, the U-Haul Spritzer playfully pokes fun at the beloved trope of queer couples renting a U-Haul, only after a short time together.

With the creative direction of Andrew Lyman, barista, photographer, and content creator for Finca, we styled and captured our drinks on camera. We all put a lot of hard work and energy into the launch of this menu and the Tropical Fog. As a neighborhood coffee shop, we are excited to see our Pride Menu generate big smiles and start important conversations. Isn’t that what coffee is all about?

Thank you!

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