The Expresso Experience: Enrique Lodoso Bucks The ...

The Expresso Experience: Enrique Lodoso Bucks The Doxa

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From time to time, we here at Sprudge like to highlight the best and brightest coffee writing on the web. We regularly link to James Hoffman’s, we check Shot Zombies a couple of times a week, and we’re always looking for big updates from personal favorites Doug Zell or Oliver Strand.

Though sometimes our role in this crazy coffee world is hard to define, we pride ourselves on being a top-shelf resource for the very best coffee conversation on the web. With this in mind, we’re proud to highlight the newest, brightest, supernova stars of online coffee content: Enrique Lodoso and Jaime Vandura of Coffea Cultura.

We first linked to Coffea Cultura as a part of our USBC 2010 Hangover Mop-Up. It seems CC co-founder Jaime Vandura experienced some Gorilla Coffee blowback on the showroom floor, and was less-than-enthused by the offerings at the Symposium (“a train wreck of aimless presentations”).

The other genius behind Coffea Cultura, Enrique Lodoso, recently offered his readers a fascinating look at CC’s journey to origin in Indonesia. He uncovered some shocking truths about the history of Italian espresso preperation, and reached a startling conclusion:

Expresso is the correct translation to English of the Italian Espresso. We do not accept that we must use European terms to give a false sense of authenticity to our coffee. Our coffee exceeds European Preparation standards in all regards. Why should we Europeanize our coffee names?

Coffea Cultura – the closest thing in coffee to Must-See-TV.

  1. Brendon

    3 June

    Hahaha…it appears that after two years of reorganizing it efforts, Rod Lazar Enterprises is back! And funnier (and more believable) than ever!

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