After premiering at the Color of Coffee Collective Symposium in Houston earlier this month, Cxffeeblack is ready to take their documentary on the road. The Memphis-based coffee company previously hinted at a US tour for their first film, Cxffeeblack to Africa, but after the successful first showing, the group has officially nailed down four new screenings locations across the South.

As previously reported, Cxffeeblack to Africa tells the story of the coffee brand’s experience making their first origin trip to the Guji Zone in Ethiopia, the region where their Guji Mane coffee is produced. It is a story not just of coffee and seeing it where it is produced, but of Black individuals exploring a place with which they feel a deep connection, both individually and with the coffee realm.

With the film now ready for the masses, Cxffeeblack is ready to kick off the Cxffeeblack to Africa World Tour starting in June with a stop in Nashville, sponsored by Miir, Oatly, Bread of Life, Mayorga Coffee, La Marzocco, and AeroPress. Taking place Thursday, June 2nd at Good Citizen Coffee Co, the screening will be part of a night’s worth of festivities that includes cocktails by Guidance Whiskey, food from local businesses, and an afterparty that includes a DJ set, performances, and a hip-hip cypher. Tickets for the event are $35 and can by purchased via Eventbrite.

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Following Nashville, the World Tour will then make stops in Atlanta on June 4th (location still TBD), Charlotte on June 11th through 13th at Black & White Coffee Roasters, and returning back to Memphis June 17th at the Clayborn Temple. Screenings in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Oakland, Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York are still in the works for later in the year. When the dates are finalized, they will be posted on Cxffeeblack’s official website.

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For more information or to snag a ticket to the Nashville screening, visit Cxffeeblack to Africa‘s Eventbrite page.

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