SWRBC Day Two: A Fantasia of Tweets and .Gifs

SWRBC Day Two: A Fantasia of Tweets and .Gifs

Curated tweets, pics and .gifs from Day Two at the SWRBC. This coverage was made possible by direct sponsorship from Verve Coffee.

Jeff Garcia, N:1 Coffee, Oakland

11:15 cardamom spiked whipped cream with espresso for his sig drink – cowboy tunes in the backround, bolo tie on the man himself

11:19 mr. garcia is effortlessly self-assured on stage – in constant verbal contact with the judges, exact in his instruction

Chris Gaoiran, Alexander’s Steakhouse, Cupertino, CA

11:40 @_cappsized refers to his sig drink as the “dessert course” – #appropriate

11:45 juiced citrus in martini glass w/ maraschino cherry, blowtorched an orange slice (burst of flames), 2 judges dead

Paul Joo, Bourbon Street Cafe, LA

11:50 Mr. Joo competes using ethiopian and sumatran coffee – we srsly enjoyed the routine from Paul’s partner at @bourbonstcfe yesterday

11:53 the best routines make you want to visit a cafe – @bourbonstcfe Bourbon Street Cafe in LA’s Koreatown is on our radar now after these #SWRBC performances

11:58 simple syrup, sparkling water, espresso – “the lady gaga of americanos” – @paulsrant with the BEST sig drink name of #swrbc thus far

Jess Brooks, Allegro Coffee, Denver

12:09 Denver’s own Jess Brooks (@allegrocoffee) is live now – room at #swrbc feels SO much more lively and energetic today. a pleasure to be here

12:16 jess competes for THAT allegro coffee – your can purchase their coffee at every whole foods on earth, with moonbase locations coming

Greg Lefcourt, OZO Coffee, Boulder, CO

12:23 mr. lefcourt won the 2010 mountain regional barista competition, prior to it being subsumed by the #swrbc redistricting

12:26 typica, red & yellow bourbon, clean and well-balanced, “shade grown is not just a buzz word anymore” – mr. lefcourt

12:29 mr. lefcourt competes using @ozocoffee la libertad ecuador – grown at 6000 meters (even higher than the elevation in denver!)

12:31 economy of movement – that thing where every last bit of kinetic energy is employed intentionally – greg lefcourt has it

12:38 whip cream for clouds, sugar for fruit, honey and chamomile for the ecosystem – his sig drink is meant to channel ecuador

Anthony Luat, Honolulu Coffee Co., Honolulu

12:59 mr. luat delivers a solid, workmanlike, professional performance representing @honolulucoffee at the #swrbc

Michael Stetson, The French Press, Santa Barbara, CA

1:03 Mr. Stetson competes using natural processed 1800 meter catuai from panama, roasted by @Vervecoffee

1:08 goes for capps with strawberry sweetness, followed by smooth dark chocolate flavors

1:14 homemade strawberry and lime soda, topped by 1 shot, accompanied by a chilled v60 – mr. stetson’s sig drink

Kevin Bohlin, Ritual Coffee Roasters, SFO

1:22 kevin “tex” bohlin works at the @ritualproxy location in hayes valley – your go-to for espresso and people watching in SFO

1:25 between the “drive” soundtrack and mr. bohlin’s gosling-esque good looks, i’m personally fearing a bludgeoning…

1:30 candied cherries, aged balsamic, sparkling rhubarb bitters – plus coffees harvested 1 week ago in guatemala – wow

1:32 “a celebration of history, and a taste of newness and change” – tex bohlin’s routine in a nutshell

Truman Severson, Portola Coffee Lab, Costa Mesa, CA

1:44 sig drink includes argon gas charged with cocoa nibs, and we presume, magic.

Michelle Powell, Java Junction, Santa Cruz

1:58 michelle powell of santa cruz’s own java junction, crowd favorites

Jose Ortez Jr., Red Berry Coffee Bar, San Jose, CA

2:15 with selections from the pulp fiction soundtrack and pulp’s “common people”, mr. ortez jr. offers our favorite music of the day so far

Robert August-Norton, Chocolate Fish Coffee, Sacramento, CA

2:40 mr. august-norton competes in front of a judging panel comprised entirely of beards and moustaches

2:50 from a user on the justintv stream, as per robert august-norton: (gabelucas) “word, he seems confident”

Shelli Maciel, Weavers Coffee and Tea, San Rafael, CA

3:00 the house music, she bumps. learn more about @weaverscoffee here:

Charles Babinski, Intelligentsia Coffee, LA

3:13 @charlesbabinski sets the table in front of the judges to start his routine!

3:17 on his espresso – “Incredibly sweet, juicy, a little intense, to be honest that’s why i like it – let me show you”

3:23 his coffee – bolivia takesi – is grown at 2400 meters – agronomists told the farmers they were crazy

3:27 two separate sig drinks – @charlesbabinski – extractions with simple syrup, then “red velvet cake” with vanilla ice cream”

Devorah Freudiger, Equator Coffees and Teas, San Rafael, CA

3:39 devorah: fig & plum espresso notes, talks about clover dairy milk (@cloversternetta) “i drive by these cows on my way to accounts”

3:47 perfect pouring – such grace! – a whole crowd of smiles…front row… loving devorah’s routine

Matthew Sinclair, Blue Bottle Coffee, Oakland

4:08 new zealand’s own matthew sinclair is the first @bluebottleroast competitor in history!

Daniel Tellez, The Kind Grind, Santa Cruz

4:11 up now, daniel tellez of the untweetable “the kind grind” here in santa cruz

4:22 “i’ve never taken a canoe down the amazon – i’ve never been to an estate in guatemala, i’m a regular working barista” – daniel tellez

Justin Williams, Specialty’s Cafe, SFO

4:34 @specialtys is a long-standing national @intelligentsia account – justin williams works for them in san francisco

4:40 justin williams @specialtys left an ingredient backstage! he bolts offstage and is back in 20 seconds! can he still finish on time?

4:51 justin williams finishes at 15:02, after sprinting off stage to grab an item – he’s the first ever @specialtys competitor

Josh Richards, Cartel Coffee Lab, Tempe, AZ

5:05 a real solid performance here close to the end of the day from josh richards, doing @cartelcoffeelab proud

Chelsea Greene, OZO Coffee, Boulder, CO

5:07 very impressed all weekend by the colorado and arizona teams at #swrbc – a pleasure to try @ozocoffee and @cartelcoffeelab at 3rd machine

5:15 beautiful tablesetting for chelsea greene of @ozocoffee – paisley maroon and olive green cloth… very controlled, nuanced routine

5:19 sig drink “the bantado” – as talking heads “life during wartime” plays – banana, maple syrup, ginger, espresso, milk




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