Sweet Spot Party Boston: Beantown Gets Bodom’...

Sweet Spot Party Boston: Beantown Gets Bodom’d


Randal H. Bodom is our international party circuit correspondent, with a long, wild history of covering Natvia events.

Hi gang, it’s me again, your old pal Randy Bodom, and I’m positively wiggling with excitement over this brand new party announcement for USBC Boston. The folks at Natvia go all out, and these parties have a tendency to get a little wild – costumes, mysteries, shirtless dancing, unspoken moments between strangers – and it seems to be that Sweet Fantasy Boston has all the right moves to get nasty as she wanna be.

The party goes down Sunday, April 14th from the 7pm til who-knows, and who-cares. You might be saying, “well Randy, if it’s on a Sunday, won’t I already be exhausted? Won’t I be heading out of town?” Not if you’re not a muffinhead you won’t. This party needs to be built into your plans, man. Stay the last night in town, and be whisked away to a land of wonder and sweet, sweet fantasy alongside all your previously respectable peers.

Some spirits, elixirs, and poppers from those sneaky old speakeasy days.

Some spirits, elixirs, and poppers from those sneaky old speakeasy days.

And the party itself? It’s roaring 20s themed, full of costumed guests, rip roaring dances, and speakeasy cocktails from a local still. Flapper girls and dapper gents, all breaking society’s rules and morays together in one night of unbridled passion and flowing Gibsons. It’s enough to make a man thirsty and the party won’t happen for another 76 days, so you know ol’ Randy will be there, losing my mind and finding again to bring you wild event coverage.

You can learn more about the Sweet Spot Party Speakeasy on their brand new website, and follow the party on Facebook for lots more details. Old Randy managed to pull a few strings and made sure these tickets are free! But remember, stay in town on Sunday night, because you don’t want to miss the party you won’t be able to forget.


Little old me trying out my outfit for the Sweet Spot Speakeasy party!



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