We’ve received a reliable tip regarding a new product rollout planned by Starbucks in 2011: the Sessanta, a 64oz size tub-o-fun designed for oil tankering premium iced coffees, Tazo shaken iced tea and iced tea lemonade. It’s a product that’s sure to delight Ellen Degeneres every moviegoer in North America.

According to our source, an internal memo calls for market research this summer in two locations. Sessanta, Italian for “sixty”, will be offered in Pittsburgh, PA and Vancouver, British Columbia.

“This is par for the course,” said our source in a series of emails. “They are clearly trying to meet demand. Convenience stores have been offering a sixty-four ounce option for years. People want it and are willing to pay top dollar for it.”

A call to Starbucks yielded a standard “We are not allowed to comment on rumors or speculations on product roll-outs”, but you heard it here first: the 64 oz. Sessanta is allegedly coming to a bloated waistline near you, courtesy of two of North America’s most sophisticated and worth-visiting cities. In the meantime, we’re putting a $500 cash bounty on the first confirmed photograph of the Sessanta submitted to Sprudge. Send your photos to sessanta@sprudge.com.