Sprudge Sunday Magazine – Issue #5 (Scott Gu...

Sprudge Sunday Magazine – Issue #5 (Scott Guglielmino)


In the tradition of the Onion’s Sunday Magazine, welcome to Sprudge Sunday Magazine – “Specialty Coffee’s Cover Page.”

In our fifth issue we’re celebrating Scott Guglielmino, Product Manager at La Marzocco USA. What can we say about Scott? He’s a brilliant man, a card-carrying Eagle Scout, a tinkerer, an inventor, a lover of the finer things in life, and something of a maniac behind the wheel. Over the last few years we’ve spent a lot of time with Mr. Guglielmino, covering a wide variety of events in every nook and cranny of the United States of America. Here’s some of our favorite moments from the last few years.

Pressure + Flow: La Marzocco On The Sunset Strip (February 2013)

SprudgeTip #3 : The Strada EP Steam Wand Steam Iron (September 2012)

Beyond 140 Characters: Recreating The Oslo Iced Coffee Method (July 2011)

La Marzocco Texas Road Show: Austin Paradise, The Dallas Stars, The Houston Hustle (April 2012)

La Marzocco & Counter Culture Tour:  Chicago and the Pink Line Train, EP in DC, The Strada Takes New York, Atlanta In Brief (July / September 2011)

News From The Road: Travels With “Smokey” and “Bubble & Squeak” (Timeless)

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