Sprudge Sunday Magazine Issue #19: “Sprudget...

Sprudge Sunday Magazine Issue #19: “Sprudget Travel”


Welcome to Sprudge Sunday Magazine – “Specialty Coffee’s Cover Page.”

Back after a month-long hiatus – the magazine publishing world is far more sabbatical-friendly than the blog publishing grind – welcome to the 19th issue of Sprudge Sunday Magazine. This week’s cover is focused on travel, and oh, the places you’ll go as a Sprudge reader! We’ve got staff and stringers writing for us all around the world, including Hanna Neuschwander’s lovely cover feature on her time in Spokane’s emerging specialty coffee scene. Other travel locales in our latest issue include:

Columbus, Ohio – This city is blossoming with great food, fun bars, cool music, and awesome coffee. The epicenter for all this goodness is the Short North neighborhood, home to One Line Coffee, and we’ve featured their brand new iced slow drip bottling in this week’s magazine.

Seattle, Washington – In a city of coffee palaces, the new Caffe Ladro in South Lake Union is like a modernist temple. No menus, stunning design, a lovely custom La Marzocco Linea, and some of the best coffee in the city. Our photojournalist Alex Negranza takes you there.

London – Our UK staff writer Elyse Bouvier explores a brand new cafe by the boutique magazine and media publishers, Monocle. Are they as good at making coffee as they are at being urbane and posh? Will they ever read Elyse’s feature, or is the internet still beneath them? And if you honestly critique Monocle’s cafe online, and there’s no one around to hear it, does it still make a sound? All great questions to ponder while reading this feature. 

Melbourne – Our Australian staff writer Eileen Kenny checks out Clement, a disarmingly lilliputian cafe and roasting operation with big dreams and fantastic coffee.

Los Angeles – LA staff writer Julie Wilson stays on the Babsville beat, with this personal account of why she’s already crushing hard on their new cafe, Go Get Em Tiger.

Portland, Oregon – Stumptown founder Duane Sorenson strikes again, and we’re along for the flakey, buttery ride at his brand new Roman Candle Baking Company.

Plus fabulous inside looks at new cafes being built in San Francisco, Omaha, and St. Louis; gorgeous video filmed at origin in Colombia; a tiny-yet-ono cafe in Honolulu serving Blue Bottle; TED Talks parody and BuzzFeed mockery; a couple of ex-Marines publishing an interactive brew guide; and David Hasselhoff.

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