Sprudge Sunday Magazine – Issue #9 (Eden-Mar...

Sprudge Sunday Magazine – Issue #9 (Eden-Marie Abramowicz)


Welcome to Sprudge Sunday Magazine – “Specialty Coffee’s Cover Page.”

Our newest cover star is Eden-Marie Abramowicz, your 2013 Southwest Regional Barista Competition champion! Ms. Abramowicz placed first in the most competitive division in the United States, muscling out a field of 30 competitors.

Here’s 5 fun facts on EMA:

* Eden-Marie Abramowicz competed using Intelligentsia’s Tres Los Santos, a coffee from Finca San Sebastian in Colombia’s Huila department. Huila has become well-known in specialty coffee as a producing region with a marvelous portfolio of high quality coffees.

* Eden-Marie Abramowicz becomes the 2nd Intelligentsia barista to win a regional competition in the 2013 season. She’ll be joining North Central Regional champ Charlie Habegger in an automatic berth into the USBC Semi-Finals, and both baristas will be taken on an all-expense paid trip to Kenya courtesy of Cafe Imports. Even more interesting, Mr. Habegger also competed and won using an Intelli Colombian coffee – Intelli’s Amigos de Buesaco, from the Narino department.

* Eden-Marie Abramowicz is a barista at Intelligentsia’s landmark Silver Lake cafe, widely looked upon as an important catalyst for the current boom in specialty coffee culture in Los Angeles. If you try to go to this cafe during the weekend, you will have to wait in line. You should order a nice coffee, yes, but also try the tea here. It’s really good.

* Eden-Marie employed a unique visual implement throughout her routine. She had a jar each of brown sugar, grapefruit, and raspberry, which were the dominant flavors in her Colombia Huila. Those jars sat on an adjustable series of platforms, which Ms. Abramowicz modified as the dominant notes in each drink changed – espresso were particularly raspberry-forward, for example, so that jar was set the highest. The end result was an ongoing visual dialogue with the judges, presented in a simple and engaging way using just 3 ingredients.

* Eden-Marie Abramowicz was one of 38 baristas who volunteered their time and travel expenses to offer unpaid coffee service at the 2013 TED Conference in Long Beach. Also on that crew: 2012 USBC champion Katie Carguilo and 2003 / 2007 champion Heather Perry. Coincidence?

Congratulations, Eden-Marie!



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