SHOCK: Grecian Frappé Council Cancels Internationa...

SHOCK: Grecian Frappé Council Cancels International Frappé Week

Sad news trickling into Sprudge HQ late Friday afternoon…

ATHENS, Greece: The Grecian Frappé Council, a consortium of like-minded frappé enthusiasts based in Athens, have announced the discontinuation of their high profile International Frappé Week program. A member of the council, Dimitrios Frappépopoulos, released the following statement to the public:

“It is with-a the great sadness, and much-a tears inna my moustachio, that I must-a make-a to cancel the International Frappé Weeka for the years inna the future. Our many celebrations, the joys, our plans for-a the wedding festivities, they are all amounta to a nothing. It breaka my heart. Why nobody like-a da frappé? Why, Dimitrios asks, why?”

Mr. Frappépopolous declined to go into further detail, leaving us to assume that Interntaional Frappé Week has been canceled due to lack of interest.

PICTURED: Dimitrios Frappépopolous, Niko Frappénikolous, George Blendoulou, Icarus Milkos, Midas Half-and-Halfgnos

  1. sando

    29 August

    The lack of interest in this article is almost poetic.

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