Schmuck Of The Week: Coffee Folk Is A Twitter Joke...

Schmuck Of The Week: Coffee Folk Is A Twitter Joke Thief

Recently, members of the Sprudge editorial team were reminiscing on the Schmuck of the Week, a semi-regular feature series from the early days of the site. It was full of articles of people putting foul things in coffee, a barista getting punched in the face for getting an order wrong, and other such schmucky activities, primarily as a vehicle to run increasingly groan-worthy headline puns. We ultimately moved on from the series for a variety of reasons, including: it was all a little mean; it was never very popular; we are older, wiser, better people now; and one time someone complained to us very sincerely about how it was preventing them from seeking gainful employment.

That is, until today, when we encountered an act of schmuckery so synonymous with the term—Yiddish for “contemptible person”—that we had to revive the series. And so, for the first time since November 2013, there is a new Schmuck of the Week: joke-stealing Twitter account Coffee Folk.

A little background info on Coffee Folk: they are “a collective of folk living the coffee life,” per their Twitter account, currently sitting with a healthy 55.9K followers. They have an Instagram, but with only 18 followers and only six posts, it’s safe to say they are primarily Twitter based.

Coffee Folk was first brought to our attention for this tweet:

It’s a good joke. I laughed. But then…

That is literally just a copy and paste. It would actually be easier to press the retweet button. To date, the tweet is still up even though they are getting absolutely roasted for it by other Twitters users. But wait, there’s more.

…is literally the exact same as this joke from an hour and fourteen minutes before:

Sometimes Coffee Folk likes to punch up the joke a little. Check out this nervy bit of end-of-days humor:

They thought removing “zombie” would throw us off the scent. It did not.

And they reeeeeaaalllly like Death Wish Coffee, whom Coffee Folk has “borrowed” from liberally on several different occasions.

And maybe this whole Daniel G. thing has me looking for conspiracy theories where there are none, but what if Death Wish Coffee IS Coffee Folk? It seems unlikely. What’s more likely is that whoever is behind the account saw the Insta-fame Josh “The Fat Jewish” Ostrovsky got for stealing jokes and thought, “Hey! I could do that… but for coffee.”

Not since the heyday of Dane Cook has joke theft been so blatant, but the moral of the story here folks is if you have to steal jokes—or “aggregate content” or whatever—don’t do it on a text-based (and easily searchable) platform. Most especially one that has a retweet button. Unless of course you want to end up like Coffee Folk, a schmuck so schmucky it has given us due cause to revive a long-dead platform: The Coffee Schmuck of the Week.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.



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