Reddit: Customer Shorts Barista On Tip, Blames Oba...

Reddit: Customer Shorts Barista On Tip, Blames Obama


A barista posts this note from a customer on Reddit and says:

I find this rude and an insult to the service industry. All politics aside, I will never understand people who eat/drink out but do not tip properly (or at all), even for counterservice.

For those of you without picture-phones, the note says:

“Since Obama has been reelected, my taxes have increased. I now get to only keep 55% of what I earn. Since I believed in “shared sacrifice” here’s 55% of the tip you’ve earned.

Get the rest from Obama!

A wise Redditor commented:

Thank goodness there’s enough left in that guy’s wallet for dining out, not to mention a printer, ink, and paper.

I wonder how many slips like that he carries around. Must be able to afford to go to restaurants quite often.

Sound. Off.




  1. Justaphil

    19 December

    I put up a sign that reads:

    “Since this last election, my bullshit detector is so finely tuned that the International Bureau of Weights and Measures wants to buy me dinner and whisper sweet nothings in my ear; however, 1% of my customers are cloaking their steeze so hard they make Mark Felt look like Kanye’s twitter feed. Consequently, everybody’s getting called out whether it’s morning rush or closing hush. If you don’t like it, take it up with your parents: they love hearing what a horrible job they did.”

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