Red Dye Number Ew: Starbugs Eats The Beetles

Red Dye Number Ew: Starbugs Eats The Beetles

Starbucks is getting loads of unwanted attention from the MSM, due to the addition of cochineal beetles in the (very long) ingredients list for their processed strawberry frappuccino goo. Vegetarians are bleeding from their eyes, vegans are screeching and screeching, Muslims and kosher Jews finally have a common enemy, and cats and dogs are getting married. Meanwhile, Hustlin’ Howie Schultz remains silent.

Time reports:

Starbucks had previously stated these drinks, which can be made using soy milk, could be made vegan, running a campaign touting the “However-You-Want-it Frappuccino.” But the Seattle-based coffee giant recently reworked its ingredient list for the Frappuccino mix and opted for the extract in an effort to move away from “artificial dyes,” according to a statement from Starbucks posted by the vegetarian website.

The statement reads that the company’s goal is to minimize artificial ingredients in products. While ingredients can be mixed to create a vegan drink, Starbucks can not guarantee pure a pure vegan drink because of the possibility of cross-contamination within stores.



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