10 Pallas’s Cats Tell Coffee Puns

Elusive, endearing Pallas’s cats are taking the internet by storm, thanks to this deeply adorable (and highly rare) video footage of one cat investigating a camera in the wild. Like a fine quality coffee, the Pallas’s cat is found at high elevation. Like many a coffee-loving New Yorker, they live near Prospect Park. And it turns out they also like to tell all kinds of coffee puns.

10. Circus puns.

Make mine with Barnum & Bailey’s Irish Cream.

9. Kenya factory puns.

You gaturiri take our word on this one.

8. Frappuccino puns.

They also cost several Starbucks.

7. Grandma puns.

Best used to brew heirloom varieties.

6. Coffee job puns.

Pallas’s cat gets one positive bag of coffee a week (it’s complimentary).

5. Barista puns.

But then she served the espresso without the ice cream because she affogato.

4. More barista puns.

Pallas’s cat is taking anger management courses and attending group head therapy.

3. Open mic puns.

Kitty choked the first time, but then took an extra shot for courage.

2. Tea puns.


Doug Palas is the tea buyer at Kilogram Tea, the tea program from our friends & partners at Intelligentsia. 

1. Mud puns.

The coffee was soiled.

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