Outrageous Starbucks BuzzFeed Paid Post: What Happ...

Outrageous Starbucks BuzzFeed Paid Post: What Happened In The Meeting?

Earlier this week on May 29th, the folks at BuzzFeed partnered with Starbucks for a paid post entitled 10 Frappuccino® Hacks From The Secret Menu [Warning: GIFs throughout post may cause epilepsy]. So as to avoid confusion, the feature is even bylined with the name “Starbucks Frappuccino®” – we are to understand that the global coffee chain’s signature milkshake has gained sentience, learned English, and went to Cornell or something with someone who writes for Buzzfeed.

While the paid post invites us to “React with an animated GIF!”, we figured we could do one better – here’s an in-depth look into exactly how this BuzzFeed paid post could’ve gone down.


Starbucks HQ: “We like your style – it’s very now. We want a post that reflects that now-ness. Like, with animated gifs that flash things, and outrageous 90s pop-culture references, and a number in the headline. Can you do that?”

BuzzFeed: “How about a hashtag? Something edgy that encourages participation.”


Starbucks HQ: “SOCIAL MEDIA! This is why we work with you guys! That’s so Raven! Yes, please, include a social media interface at the bottom – that’ll get people to keep talking about it.”

BuzzFeed: “Ok, we’ll get the writers to come up with something. You just give us one million dollars, please!”

Starbucks HQ: “Sold!

This post was written for by Jiggle Hut Frappe Fantasia®, now available at Carl Mundy‘s Jiggle Hut locations throughout the Twin Falls metroplex.




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