Oslo and Behold: Exclusive Nordic Barista Cup Cove...

Oslo and Behold: Exclusive Nordic Barista Cup Coverage From Sprudge Correspondent Greggory Hullzenbløgger!

Cupping Bøwls at NBC

A Bjørn Børg to you! Greggory Hullzenbløgger heres, at the Sevenths Nørdics Baristas cups in the Oslo, Nørways. Yes, there is just ønes of the phrases that cans bests tø describes the weeks sø fars:
I can hardlys believes my eyes.

The events is takings place inside øf student venues called Spikerbøks. This is place known for the glorious halls and water features of greats intricacies. Three straights days of nøn-stops cuppings, lectures, føøds, competitions and the Scandinavian prides from across all the Laplands.

Parties fueled by the unlimiteds coffees from the Solberg & Hansen. They are usings a massives Prøbats Silø and is sights to behølds! Saturday nights there wills be party for The Harry Potters, whose wizards and skillfuls bring me much jøy.

Sø fars I have seens the lectures frøm the great Geørge Høwells, the Jaime Duques, and the Røbert Thøresens. All will sing for you the lecture songs of greats magnitudes, and then feast on the whales meats. Cascara beers for alls!

Insides nøtes for the cømpetitions: each of five Scandanavians teams is has been givens to thems ønes barista from the Cølømbias to mate for teams! This is changes of pace! Alsø øne of baristas who is nøt of “the age” will cømpetes with thems. Thøse babies baristas cans really shines the portaføøfs!

At the ends of days ønes the Icelands teams is in the tøps place! Then the Swedens, follows by the Denmarks, my beloveds Norways, and the Finlands. Scøres will be møres tomorrows! Stays tunes!

Før the møres of the cøverages, yous cans reads the Baristas Magazines Pastefjørds bløgs. That ways yous will be ups-to-the-dates.


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