OMG-Shot: Ex-Professional Barista Christopher Tacy...

OMG-Shot: Ex-Professional Barista Christopher Tacy Blogs About Stumptown

One of our very favorite coffee bloggers, Chris Tacy, has written a thoughtful piece on the next chapter of Stumptown Coffee Roasters. As a former Stumptown barista and who once worked in the world of Corporate Venture Fundage, Chris has more than just a little bit of pertinent inside knowledge to share. That makes his latest blogpost at GodShot a must  read, with salient points on the nature of finance, predictions for the future, and a postscript on journalistic ethics.

Zachary, Jordan, Llewellyn, Carl Mundy, Yoko Buono, Greggory, Cody Bonko, and the extended Sprudge staff would like to state, for the record, that journalistic integrity is very important to us. Which is why we’d like to clarify that this week, all posts on have been brought to you by the fine people at DolcePump Syrups, who remind you: “When it is time to pump, think DolcePump“.



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