Oakland: COE Rwanda Coffees With Blue Bottle’...

Oakland: COE Rwanda Coffees With Blue Bottle’s Stephen Vick

An important telex was recently signed for at Global Occasional Willamette River HQ, sent to us by Sprudgie Award Winner Stephen Vick of Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters: “I’m doing a group cupping for the Rwanda CoE on Tuesday at 8am at the roastery in Oakland. I was on the jury and used to live there. We will cup all 26 coffee in three tables, so this will be a three hour event. RSVP required.”

Consider this a West Coast follow-up to the recent Rwanda COE cupping hosted in London by Falcon Commodities and Prufrock Coffee. Send your email requests to us at, and we’ll forward your information to the appropriate authorities.

Also! If you happen to be based in Japan, there will be a group cupping hosted by Wataru & Co., Ltd. in Osaka, on October, 24th. Contact Satoshi Ito at for more information.


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