New York Times Covers Paris Coffee

After slurping and schlepping all over Paris, a city he clearly dearly loves, Oliver Strand has proudly released this shortlist of recommended cafes for the City of Lights:

Finally, Paris has a coffee scene. The city has always been the paradox of the industry, a great cafe town where an otherwise discerning audience happily throws back watery shots of ashy swill. I first wrote about Paris coffee in 2010, and after returning to the topic last year I decided to sit on my hands until somebody in the city figured out what it was missing.

It happened. This year, three cafes opened that treat coffee as if it’s a part of the world of gastronomy, a drink to be crafted and savored, rather than a commodity, sold as if it’s fuel…

I’m often asked for my list of favorite Paris coffee spots. Now I have one to give.

Mr. Strand goes on detail spots such as Cafe Lomi, Ten Bells, and Télescope, the cafe owned by Nicolas Clerc and David Flynn, creator of Frog Fight:


Kudos, Paris! Read the whole thing here, via “The Moment“.




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