Blue Bottle To Open Near Ninth Street Espresso

Blue Bottle To Open Near Ninth Street Espresso

The recent growth in the high-end coffee market, the popularity of Starbucks, and hometown shops being driven out of business are just some of the pertinent topics covered at length in a new article by New York Times writer Alison Gregor. One juicy tidbit we uncovered by reading between the article’s lines: Blue Bottle’s James Freeman is opening a brand new Manhattan cafe at 450 West 15th St. That’s spitting distance from the Ninth Street Espresso in the Chelsea Market, whose loading dock address is 425 W 15th. Is this like a meta-version of Starbucks forcing out the local longtimers? Or is Freeman just trying to pack some more meat into the Meatpacking District?

This feature is developing as we await official comment.

Left to Right: Jamie Fantasia Freeman, Kendra Diva Nye, Ms. Jesse Kahnkersore, Olivia Strandy Warhol, Samantha Jones.


  1. Christina Berg

    17 October

    No,  shops owners frequently talk to eachother, visit eachother, tweet, etc and differ in prices/offerings/hours

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