New York Post Is All Like “$10 Latte? You Go...

New York Post Is All Like “$10 Latte? You Gotta Be Kiddin’ Me”


Intrepid reporter Dana Schuster visited Budin and ordered the shop’s now-infamous Lakkrís Latte for a New York Post feature titled “Why does this coffee cost $10?” It is perhaps the greatest newspaper article of all time.

How did Schuster feel about the $10 latte? This image sums it up:

Source: NYPost

Source: NYPost

The article pulses and courses with that certain kind of journalistic *pow* that only comes from reportage crafted on the mean streets of New York. Schuster speaks with a 35-year coffee cart vet, who tells her, “Any place that would charge $10 for a latte, I wouldn’t go to. I wouldn’t charge that much because I don’t want to rob the people.

And then there’s a senior director at the US Council for International Business, who refuses to spend more than two dollars on any coffee (unless it has food in it). A NYU Stern School of Business professor and psychologist authoritatively calls the drink “nuts”.

Schuster also speaks to those who’ll dare to try the lakkris latte, like a jaded jeweler, or coffee expert Oliver Strand, who is quoted as saying, “I would love a latte that is $10 that tastes like an amazing $10 latte.”

In the article, there is no reference or mention to the price of green coffee, or any distinction between the $1 coffee cart coffee and the $7 Intelligentsia “Bolivia Takesia” [sic]. To Schuster, and to many, coffee is coffee is coffee is coffee. A buzz is a buzz. High prices make ’em jittery.

Carlo Rossi and Château Lafite Rothschild are one and the same. Clan MacGregor is indistinguishable from a Bruichladdich. Dogs and cats are getting married, living together in perfect harmony. A McDonald’s burger is no better than the burgatorial triumph they’re serving at The Woodsman Tavern. Ignorance is strength.

Our favorite phrases and/or adjectives in the NY Post piece

church-like reverence
lavish latte
luxe latte
10-buck latte
“Some java junkies, it seems, are willing to spend big for a special fix.”

Budin (pronounced “booth-in”) is located at 114 Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn. Official website here. (347) 844-9639




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