12 Reasons Why Harry Styles Needs All The Coffee R...

12 Reasons Why Harry Styles Needs All The Coffee Right Now

Harry Edward Styles was born in 1994 and is a member in the unimaginably popular boy band One Direction, set to appear on Saturday Night Live this week.

Let us get one thing straight for all the Sprudge readers out there: we adore Harry Styles. [Editor’s note: This statement is not entirely accurate. A vocal contingent of Sprudge Editorial openly adores Harry Styles. Others prefer Niall Horan, the blonde one. There are still more members of Sprudge Editorial who’ve been fighting for months to kill this story, and have now apparently lost, but will take this Editor’s note moment to point out that the phrase used up above – “let us get one thing straight” – is like some kind of hilarious linguistic ur-irony in this, perhaps our least-straight article ever.] We think he’s so talented, so handsome, and ever so sleepy. There are several examples on Twitter and Instagram as to why this young buck is the sleepiest in all of popular pop groups of our time. And it is why we think Harry Styles needs all of the coffee right now.

Don’t believe us? Here are twelve reasons why.


And this:

Aaaaaand this:

Oh, wait, and this:

This, this, and this:

Not to mention this:

Double this:

This too:

Duh, this:

This times infinity:

Did we also mention this:

And lastly, this:

WE LOVE YOU HARRY STYLES. PLEASE DRINK COFFEE. [Editors note: And perhaps have yourself checked for narcolepsy.]




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