Nescafé’s Outrageous Ad Campaign

Nescafe’s line of automatic coffee & milk capsule machines has a new, outlandish ad campaign. is outraged, simply outraged, by the stereotypical depiction of Antonio, the Italian barista featured in the above advertisement. (We love being outraged. Outrage is very 2012.) So we made a fuss to the Italian consulate, who kindly granted us a brief interview with Italy’s Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Mr. Signore Luigi Pagliacci.

Sprudge: Don Luigi, how is this ad campaign from Nescafe sitting with you?

Luigi Pagliacci: “It’s-a crime! Why-a do they make-a the Italian barista look-a like a sloppy pizza? Don’t get-a Luigi started – my blood, she boils like the spicy meatball!”

Sprudge: Yes, we agree, stereotypes are just terrible. And what about the milk capsules? Any thoughts?

LP: “They taste like-a da poo-poo! You can no make-a da “milk capsule”. The milk, she is a beautiful woman – you must make-a love to her fresh, every day.”

Sprudge: One last question, Luigi – isn’t Nestle a French company? Why all the Italian schtick? I mean, what’s the deal with that?

LP: “I know! It make-a da Luigi so mad. Those machines, they look-a like-a something from-a da Tron! No Italian could make-a the Dolce Gusto.  We make-a the machine, that she is beautiful… The Dolce I like-a is a the DolcePump-a. For when it is-a time to pump-a, I, Mr. Signore Luigi Pagliacci, reach for-a the DolcePump.




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