Name This Disgusting Trend: Shocking Video From NY...

Name This Disgusting Trend: Shocking Video From NYC

You’ve heard of “planking”, and its meta-lame little cousin, “owling”. Well…there’s a disgusting new barista trend sweeping the nation, sort of like the “Goatse” of latte art. All it needs is a name…


Truly deplorable.

  1. Long John Silverback

    30 July

    I personally poured a delicate rosetta into Howard Schultz’s gaping, eager mouth on October 27th, 1988, at a former ‘Il Giornale’ location in suburban Seattle. He, too, tried to take it make a lovely display of it, but wound up choking on the sheer volume of my microfoam.

  2. The Onocoffee

    30 July

    Not to detract from this worthy effort, but this was first attempted by Daryn Berlin, the very first SouthEast Regional Barista Champion, at the 2008 Mid-Atlantic NorthEast Regional Barista Jam (predecessor to the current MANE Coffee Conference) and was documented here:

    You’ll even see that self-appointed god of coffee get uptight about the word “uvula”. Typical.

  3. justin

    30 July

    wot a waste of coffee and milk! big f’n deal!

  4. J

    30 July

    Latte Art Throw Up?

  5. Matthias

    30 July

    this was done like two years ago

    way to keep up, sprudge

    • spinderella

      30 July

      the fake tabloid extremism of this feature is obviously parody. way to be a humorless elitist numbnuts, ya numbnuts.

  6. Jeremiah Ruffentumble

    30 July

    I’ve seen pics but never video before. I could watch barista boys attempt this kind of latte art all day…

  7. Barista_Alex

    29 July



  8. Thomas

    29 July

    Oh Sam, You’ve changed.

  9. Jesse

    29 July


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