Meister And The Decaf Decathalon At Serious Eats

Meister And The Decaf Decathalon At Serious Eats

Decaf. The extra hopper. A true test of every barista’s professionalism? A fact of life for any successful cafe? Erin Meister, noted CCCNYC guru and frequent contributor to Serious Eats, tackles the subject with an open mind and a spirit of understanding, forgiveness and the need to forge a brighter, sleepier future for us all. She’s the Dorothy Parker of coffee, y’all, check it out:

I will go on record right here as saying that decaf coffee doesn’t have to taste bad, so we can’t automatically blame the coffee itself. In fact, I’ve enjoyed—yes, truly enjoyed—my fair share of no-jolt coffees, and I hold firm to the belief that all it takes is a little love and a little respect for our caffeine-free friends.

The real blame for the majority of the world’s tongue-offending decaf is the wham-bam combo of stale whole beans and stale brewed coffee.

Read more over at Serious Eats.

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