Maximum Geekery: GCQRI Happening Today!

Maximum Geekery: GCQRI Happening Today!

The Global Coffee Quality Research Initiative is currently underway, from the Texas A&M University campus in College Station, Texas. For a bit of background on the Geekery, check out this awesome piece we ran from Peter Giuliano earlier this week. Thompson Owen’s is reviving the use of Coffeed as well. Click over to this great discussion started by Tom from Sweet Maria’s. He plans to add to it all weekend.

Twitter is also abuzz with the most recent information coming out of the event. Search hash tag #GCQRI for the latest.

@jimseven: Texas is big, quite hot and has very loud freight trains. Stunningly original commentary I know!

@hslade3: Read many chapters of Atlas Shrugged during 15hr drive to #GCQRI – quite fitting with the gathered talent and drive assembled here tonight.

And while we have your attention, check out the symposium introduction presentation:

Photo originally uploaded by sweetmarias.



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