Listen To Nordic Barista Cup Lectures Online

Listen To Nordic Barista Cup Lectures Online

A ton of fantastic content came out of last week’s Nordic Barista Cup. attended as media volunteers, and are excited to bring you a slate of exclusive downloads from the event. Here’s two fascinating lectures to get you started, and expect more from us in the coming week.

Social Economy In The Cafés

Erling Dokk

Mr. Erling Dokk Holm is a renowned researcher in urban development and consumer habits. He is currently working at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and the Oslo School of Management.

Erling is author of many books, one of them being a  book about the coffee bar culture and it’s effect on city development.

He is also a renowned lecturer and a frequent columnist in  “Dagens Næringsliv” and “Dagbladet” some of the biggest newspapers in Norway.

At Nordic Barista Cup 2010 Erling Dokk Holm will be holding a lecture about the coffee shops influence on social life and the “experience economy”.

Download the lecture here.

Stephen Vick

Stephen Vick is an independent consultant, and is currently working as the East Africa Field Agent for Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea.

Stephen began his work in coffee as a barista for Zoka Coffee in Seattle and spent much of his career as a trainer and educator for Zoka, as well as Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon. He placed third in the 2003 US Barista Championship and has since served a USBC and WBC judge, as well as a Cup of Excellence international jury member.

A couple of years ago, Stephen shifted his work to origin, applying his well-rounded knowledge of the high-end specialty roaster market to help farmers improve the quality of their coffee and, in turn, their quality of life. During his time as Quality Control Project Manager for Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers, he implemented rigorous quality control systems and protocols for the 5,000 farmer members of the Kanyovu Cooperative near Kigoma, Tanzania. The cooperative’s shift in focus with regards to quality resulted in Kanyovu winning first prize at the 2010 EAFCA Taste of Harvest competition in Mombasa, Kenya.

He is also a distinguished recipient of the Sprudgey Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

Download Stephen’s lecture here.

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    20 September

    I wonder if they’ve ever tried intelligentsia coffee.

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