Lattes, Muffins, Drug Screenings, Paternity Tests

Lattes, Muffins, Drug Screenings, Paternity Tests

An enterprising young New Jersey coffee entrepreneur has been profiled by the Wall Street Journal’s blog. Mona Pryor is a bit of a legend in the city of Camden, just across the river from Philadelphia, where her bustling (if uncreatively named) City Coffee cafe is a one-stop-shop for drinks, tax preparation, paternity tests, and a great place to rub shoulders with the judge you might be seeing in Community Court for your traffic infraction.

“I just came in for the green tea but I stayed for the financial planning,” said Joseph Tull, a local fire inspector and regular customer at City Coffee.

‘I do the DNA swabs and the drug testings,’ said City Coffee’s Mona Pryor. ‘But I also make a perfect latte.’

If you’re a native of Camden, or live in the South Jersey / Philly metroplex, you may be running out of time to order a coffee from Mona Pryor herself:

As of last week, City Coffee had brought in a new manager to oversee the coffee operations so Pryor can focus on launching the shop’s latest venture: Hoarders Express.

Her plan is to send teams of cleaners into distressed homes to clear the mess and sell the stuff. Pryor said she would tap City Coffee’s customers for referrals.

“The lawyers all know people being evicted from their homes that need the cleaning and their clients all need some extra cash,” Pryor said. “This is going to be a good one.”

Mona Pryor. On a good one in the Wall Street Journal.




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