Last Week With Ben Blake – Week Of July 20th...

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week Of July 20th, 2013

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Maybe you spent the last week sweltering in a heat wave, or maybe you were busy living off of nothing but Starbucks. Whatever the case may be, here’s all the coffee news you missed in the last 7 days —all in one spot. It’s like an iced green tea with a splash of OJ, only way more refreshing.

Survey: Staff-writer Alex Bernson unleashed his massive results report from our Australian Coffee Income Survey. Mr. Bernson goes in depth with charts, graphs, and comparisons to show that being a barista in Australia just might be a viable career option. This is a can’t miss read—even if you’re not Australian, it has implications and insights into how the coffee industry might continue to improve its employee retention rate.


Seattle: We recently had a chance to visit the brand new Caffe Ladro in Seattle, and being a man of many trades, Alex Negranza popped along to take some stunning photography. The space is a really something else.

Spokane: Hannah Neuschwander took an intimate look a some of the best spots to enjoy great coffee in “the Little City of Good,” with stops at Indaba, Couer, Revel 77, Manners, and DOMA. This is an important snapshot of the developing coffee scene in Eastern Washington in 2013.


Saint Louis: Blueprint Coffee Roasters, in St. Louis, Missouri is on its way to a late July or early August opening. This exciting roaster / retailer collaboration between Mike Marquard (Half & Half) and a gang of Kaldi’s Coffee longtimers has Your Sprudge Editors pretty stoked — they called it “one of the most exciting specialty coffee openings anywhere in the world in 2013.”

San Francisco: Coffee Bar SF‘s brand new spot in San Francisco’s Financial District is also currently in process. This will be the third location for Coffee Bar, a growing cafe destination in San Francisco serving coffee roasted by our friends and partners at Mr. Espresso.


Style: This week we launched “Sprudge Style”, a new editorial photo series that pairs the hottest designers and coolest looks with all things coffee. Our inaugural layout was shot by Autumn Eaken, and in it, two hardworking young men cool off with a little PT’s Coffee “Cold Front” brand cold brew. Check out even more photos here.

Scene: Sam Miller shot this beautiful video for our partners at Cafe Imports entirely on a Fujifilm X100 camera. It’s captures a typical day for producers in the Los Naranjos Association in southwestern Colombia. The coffee from this growing association is truly legendary, having produced award winning lots and aided top competition baristas for the last several years.

Ben Blake is the genius behind Draw Coffee (@DrawCoffee) and a regular contributor to Sprudge. Read more Ben Blake here!




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