Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of February ...

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of February 2nd, 2013


Welcome to another edition of our weekly Saturday news magazine, “Last Week With Ben Blake”. Mr. Blake is’s trusty news intern, and also a heckuva illustrator. For more great work like the doodle you see above, check out Draw Coffee.

NWRBC – The Northwest Regional Barista Championship is happening live all weekend from Seattle, Washington, starting with an exhilarating first round filled with baristas, brewers, and plenty of Espwesley to go on. Your heroes Jordan and Zachary have returned to their Seattle-ish roots to bring you incredible coverage of the event using the @SprudgeLive Twitter account. Tune into Twitter for a play-by-play of the entire event, and watch for recaps and finalist announcements throughout the weekend.

For more information, including schedules and parties, check out the 2013 NWRBC Party Time Super Mega InfoPortal.


Don’t Be a Dick… – What’s more fun than making lists? Making long-winded lists littered with complaints about your job and the people you serve. That’s just what barista Marissa Reddy did in a recent article for XO Jane. In “How Not to Be a Dick at a Coffee Shop,” Reddy lists off tips and tricks to help teach the average, loyal (and paying) customer not be a dick to their barista. Hilarious, right? Oof. What do you think? We think XO Jane loves publishing snark, but does not enjoy being called out for it.

In a completely unrelated coincidence, Sprudge co-founder Zachary Carlsen discovered a hilariously similar article explaining how not to be a dick in a Doctor’s Office.

Brian Ludviksen, Bringer of Light… – If your spirits are broken, and you’ve lost all faith in humanity, check out this beautifully written piece from Counter Culture’s Brian Ludviksen–seriously, it’s really good, and we think its one of the most important pieces written about coffee service in some time. Consider it an antidote to the whole XO Jane barista dick debacle.

Sprudge Magazine: Carguilo’s Way – In just its second issue, Sprudge Sunday Magazine has fast become specialty coffee’s most prestigious cover page. In our most recent edition of the Sprudge Sunday Magazine, we celebrate Ms. Katie Carguilo. This past year was an exciting one for NYC-based Counter Culture barista, so we took some time to share our favorite KG features from 2012. After all, anyone who dresses as a Chemex for Halloween is alright in our book. This magazine cover is long overdue!


NYC’s Knockbox Classic – Our own Alex Bernson took some time to attend the wild & wacky NYC Knockbox Classic. The brainchild of Joe Coffee’s Anna Utevesky and Matt Banbury, the event was created to bring together all sorts of coffee folks, and to utilize more skills than latte-pouring skillZ. Over 150 people packed Joe Coffee to participate in and watch events such as “Mystery Box” and “I Like the Way You Grind.” Both your Sprudge Editors and your Unpaid Intern are sincerely jealous of Mr. Bernson’s ability to attend this event.





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