You may have noticed that we here at Sprudge like to gently mock Australia. It’s all in good fun. But credit where credit is due, when something cool comes out of Australia, we’re glad to highlight it. To that end: La Marzocco Australia has collaborated with Cut Throat to make a limited edition chef’s knife, and all joking aside, it’s actually pretty rad.

Per a press release, the Cut Throat Knives collab is the next installment in LM Australia’s True Artisan Series, that “explores a creative collaboration between La Marzocco and like-minded visionaries to shed light on the artisan’s enlightening backstory and shared value for the art of handcraft.” The third installation in the series, the chef’s knife pays “homage to La Marzocco’s birthplace of Scarperia, Florence—a home to master bladesmiths long before espresso was a staple to the Italian morning ritual.”

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Handmade by bladesmith and Cut Throat owner Aidan Mackinnon, the 8” European style blade is made from a single piece of 52100 High Carbon Steel with a recurved heel. And because this is a coffee collab, the blade’s patina “has been stained a rich, dark brown by being soaked in coffee before being acid stone washed.” Hand-poured resin, the handle of each knife is unique and was “inspired by the spellbinding beauty” of milk swirling when it is first poured into coffee (presumably counterclockwise because of the Coriolis Effect in the Souther Hemisphere).

But before you give every knife in your house the boot to make room for your new cutlery, these beauties cost more than a few dollarydoos.

The LM chef’s knife will cost a cool $995 per, and per the press release, only five total will be made. Costly though they may be, there’s no denying the beauty of these chazzwazzas, and if you are looking to secure one for yourself, the only way to do so is to head over to La Marzocco Australia’s webpage on July 27th promptly at 9:00AM AEST when the collab will officially go live.

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