[Video] Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Goofy Geisha Got...

[Video] Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Goofy Geisha Gotcha

There’s been a whole lotta chatter in the last week or so about Starbucks, Green Mountain, and the Geisha / Gesha / Gecha coffee variety. From Time Magazine (‘s blog) to a panopticon of contentstarved local news affiliates, the mainstream media has made great hay over Geisha in the last week or so.

We’ve been struggling to find the right analogy for all this Geisha hoopla, and discussing with friends at to what it means. The story of Geisha – as told by God In A Cup and elsewhere – clearly has a new wrinkle in its narrative.

This “taste test on the street” segment from last Wednesday night’s episode of Jimme Kimmel Live is a window into the soul of the average American consumer, for whom the differences in microclimate and terroir and cultivation history and importation practices are a bunch of incomprehensible gobbldygook. This video is as funny as it is eye-opening:

“I feel like this is a test to find out how stupid we are. Although while it’s ridiculous to spend $7 on a cup of coffee it’s actually not that much more ridiculous than spending $4 on a cup of coffee at Starbucks.”




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